Friday, December 30, 2011

Bidding adieu to 2011

There's my little guy crawling to the future.

I can't believe that I'll be going back to work in a couple of months. It's time though. He's doing well [touch wood] and well on his way to becoming his own little person. Although his birth was quite the ordeal, he was, and continues to be, my joy this year. Not that a kid doesn't bring stress - whoever gets pregs with the idea that it will bring her closer to her partner is fucking mental - but TM and I wouldn't trade him for the world.

Meanwhile, our condo issues are slowly getting sorted and our little zoo is all settled in. Surprisingly it is the Fur Snake that is the most tolerant of the baby. The dog is seriously jealous and growls if he gets too near. Unless the baby is eating... then the dog is his bestest friend ever. My other cat just stays away.

I have been exhausted this year and for the past three years have neglected all my friends. I will need to start to rectify that this year. In fact, I think that will be my resolution. I don't think I'm going to get serious about my waistline until I'm back at work. I carbed out yesterday.

Hugs to all and wishing everyone all the best for the year ahead.


Ponita in Real Life said...

He's crawling already!?!?!? Wow, is he ever growing! But they do that, don't they. Before you know it he will be graduating high school and venturing out on his own.

But no, slow that down and savour this time with him as a little tyke.

Glad to hear things are getting settled for you and TM. I'm so happy for you! Wishing you, TM and that little man the best 2012 can bring.

Rox said...

Yeah, babies kind of schootch their way into the middle of a relationship, don't they? Try to make enough time for the two of you this year, I remember the toughest times were when our kids were small. They just become the priority. It comes back though, the coupleness. And the friends. And the waist. LOL!

All the best to you and your little family in 2012!

CoffeeDog said...

I *heart* your baby, and you too!

eroswings said...

Feliz Navidad, Snooze!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Be safe, be warm, and be happy.


eroswings said...

Another year over, and I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and sound and warm this season, Snooze.

Happy Holidays


and Best Wishes for a Wonderful New Year full of Good Fortune, Good Friends, and Good Times!!!

_I_...._I_ Cheers!!!

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