Monday, August 31, 2009

This 'n' that

I thought I'd better post or I'll forget that I ever had a blog. It's been a looooong summer. Not bad, but just long. I'm very excited about September and fall coming. It always gives me more focus and a sense of purpose. Here is the summer summary:

1. I survived the bike rally. I'm so happy that I did it, but it was a painful, difficult experience. I was coping with a bad knee at first (fixed with a combo of physio and a kick-ass massage), and then unbelievable chafing. No details there except to say that I felt like my bike seat was covered in broken glass. The final day I finally rode pain-free and got the hang of biking.

2. My sister is now transitioned and is living life to her fullest. Everyone finally seems to have adjusted/accepted the change - especially the kids who immediately corrected me when I [out of habit] once said, "Go ask your dad". 

3. I am dating. He was my bike buddy who I met at a mutual friend's brunch and who then helped me train on Tuesdays. He came to pick me up in Montreal after the rally and we became more than bike buddies. And so it goes. All good though. Really good.