Thursday, July 07, 2011

Newest member of the tribe

This is a pic from Pride week-end. We didn't stay long as the noise and crowds aren't ideal for a baby.

Our little family only got keys to our new condo yesterday. Now the unpacking begins! We've been staying with family which is truly great, but we just want to be in our own place. This whole past month has been like being on hold and my world has shrunk down to me and the baby (and a bit of TM too of course). I guess that's what your hormones due to ensure survival of the race but honestly, I need to start reconnecting with the world. Not that I haven't had a social life, but I'm moving in slow mo. Then again, when you are up two or three times a night it kind of saps your daytime energy.

My learning of this month: I don't know what I thought prior to breast feeding... I think I thought that the breast milk came out in a stream from the centre of the nipple, much like a fire hose. I thought that all the milk ducts fed into one stream. In fact the exit for milk is all over the nipple from the various milk ducts and I've learned that if my son comes of too soon, my milk spurts out in a fine shower from several directions. Think of a leaky garden hose. This has been amusing the hell out of me.