Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pain ow hurt

I've been trying to be brave but I wrenched my arm quite badly when I went snowboarding on Saturday. It's my right arm and it freaking hurts to type or use the mouse. The bright side was that I hurt my arm on the novice run - as in, I graduated from the beginner hill. It felt so great to be on a steeper hill and actually managing it. Run one was fantastic. It was run two where I took a spill.*

I won't be able to board this Saturday as my arm and shoulder are too tender, but I will keep going now I finally feel like I. CAN. SNOWBOARD.

*I fell getting off the chairlift but let's just pretend that I had a really cool fall while going down the hill

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Me me me (like that isn't the usual theme...)

I have been tagged by Perplexio.

1) Link to the person who tagged you
2) post the rules
3) list six seemingly unimportant habits or quirks about yourself
4) tag six other people and post the tag in the comments on their blogs

1. I cry all the time on the subway when I'm on my way home. I feel so overwhelmed by day's end. It happens so often that I'm [almost] not embarrassed anymore.
2. I buy bruised fruit because I feel sorry for it.
3. I made it a point to learn the words to O Canada in French before my citizenship ceremony
4. By choice I drink my coffee black but I can drink it any way it's served to me.
5. For the past 15 years I have bought paper napkins maybe three times. I have a stack of cloth napkins which I use.
6. I don't own a car and don't aspire to, but I've spent thousands of dollars on my bed and bedding.

Monday, January 21, 2008

On being a morning person

I was listening to "Downtown came uptown" by David Wilcox this morning. It wasn't too loud, but about 10 seconds into the song I realized that it was 5:30am and that my neighbours would not appreciate hearing my music. That's the way it is but recently I've been asleep by 9pm and when my neighbours listen to music at 10:30pm it drives me insane, but I realize that it's not unreasonable that they are doing so. It's the same with friends who phone me after 11pm. They're up until 1:30 and so think nothing of it but when I get a call at that time it's like being woken up in the middle of the night.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blogging block

I have suddenly become extremely busy at work and by the time I get home I can't focus. And the reunion is going well so the brief notes I am inspired to write make even me vomit they are so sappy. I'm sparing you all that.

Be grateful.

No, really.

However, I do have a question for all of you...

Last year near this time I was having a lot of nooners. I dutifully logged my hours and the two hour lunches used up my built-up lieu time, so I really wasn't doing anything untoward. The only thing was, I felt that it was unprofessional to say, "I'm off to get laid", especially as I wasn't showering before coming back to the office. But I didn't know *what* to say. I didn't want to say I was meeting a friend for lunch because everyone in my office frequented the few restaurants nearby. I couldn't say I was getting a facial or massage because again, people knew the nearby places and also if I said I was getting a facial and came back with the same, tired skin - it would be obvious (and no, I didn't have the Cosmo facial where they tell women that 'semen is so good for the skin').

What I did say was that I was meeting with my financial consultant. Eventually my boss asked me if I was buying a house. I guess she wondered what involved so many consultations.

So... how do you slip away for some noontime nookie?

Friday, January 11, 2008

The welcome committee

My bf was *supposed* to arrive at 9pm on Wednesday. Meanwhile, on Monday night, I noticed that my older cat was hanging out in the litter box doing nothing. I consulted my flaky cat book and worried that she was having urinary problems. I called the vet first thing Tuesday and they made an appointment for her on Wednesday at 3:45. Of course in the background there is a major project due at work. I mapped out my day as follows: leave for work by 6:30am. Work until 2pm. Go back home and pick up kitty cat. Take cat to vet. Drop cat back off at home [hopefully not dead in a box] and go back up north to the office for a few hours. Drive to airport to pick up bf.

I was at my desk by 7am. Work was going well. Then at 1pm I get a text from my bf stating that his flight was rerouted and he would be in Toronto at 4:30pm. Suddenly the well-planned schedule went to hell.
I realized that there was a slim chance that I could make it to the airport, but only if I rented the car prior to going to the vet. Luckily my parents were in town.

I stopped by and got my dad to go with me to my house and pick up the cat. Several scratches later and untold trauma to both of us, kitty and I get in my dad's car and he drops me off at the car rental place. From there I go to my new vet. I love this man. He is a great vet. He takes x-rays of kitty and says that she might need surgery to remove stones from her bladder. I pace waiting for results and she has a clear x-ray. I head off with cat in her carrier and a case full of special urine friendly food which is supposed to get her back peeing with gusto.

It's now 4:15. I decide that there is no time to drop the cat off at home, so kitty and I head straight to the airport. I am texting my bf from the road - On my way. - Almost there - I'm here! Luckily he had to wait for a while in the line for customs, so I was standing there in my cat-hair covered work clothes with my cat in a bag slung over my arm ready to greet him when he exited from baggage claim. My plan of being all fresh and sexy looking for him were no longer on, but at least I made it. He somehow managed to look quite fetching despite 23 hours of travelling so at least one of us looked hot.

From there I dropped him off at home, and then took my sick but very patient and remarkably calm kitty back home. In case I sound like an insensitive jerk for dragging kitty to the airport, my vet had assured me that the only thing I could do for her was to change her diet and wait. He said that otherwise she would be a regular cat and there was no need to keep her inside or give her pills.

After settling the cat back in to the house, I showered, changed, and drove back to see the bf and welcome him home properly.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

tick tick tick

My bf comes home on Tuesday. It's going to be strange seeing each other again. We have been in touch by email for a bit and he phoned on both Christmas and my birthday, but we have been apart at a time when we were only beginning to get into some sort of routine together. I've gone through a whole gamut of emotions concerning his absence, although I do believe that he needed to do this trip.

I forget what it's like to hold him, but I can still hear his laugh. And that makes me smile.

Enough already

I do not wish to live my life anymore surrounded by conflict. I'm tired of listening to people yelling and fighting all the time. I am only glad that at least I have stopped yelling and fighting with people around me.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

All the best of 2008

Happy New Year everyone! I've decided that New Year's is going to be my holiday. As in, the holiday that I most focus on and like. It's not so much the 31st that I like, but I love the idea of hosting dinner for people I am close to on the 1st. That didn't happen this year, but next year that will be my goal. This year I went snowboarding. I still fall at least four times getting down the hill, but I am getting better.

I am reviving making resolutions as well. This year I am continuing with my decluttering by purging more and more of old papers and photos. I am also determined to take vitamins.

What are your resolutions for 2008?