Friday, January 11, 2008

The welcome committee

My bf was *supposed* to arrive at 9pm on Wednesday. Meanwhile, on Monday night, I noticed that my older cat was hanging out in the litter box doing nothing. I consulted my flaky cat book and worried that she was having urinary problems. I called the vet first thing Tuesday and they made an appointment for her on Wednesday at 3:45. Of course in the background there is a major project due at work. I mapped out my day as follows: leave for work by 6:30am. Work until 2pm. Go back home and pick up kitty cat. Take cat to vet. Drop cat back off at home [hopefully not dead in a box] and go back up north to the office for a few hours. Drive to airport to pick up bf.

I was at my desk by 7am. Work was going well. Then at 1pm I get a text from my bf stating that his flight was rerouted and he would be in Toronto at 4:30pm. Suddenly the well-planned schedule went to hell.
I realized that there was a slim chance that I could make it to the airport, but only if I rented the car prior to going to the vet. Luckily my parents were in town.

I stopped by and got my dad to go with me to my house and pick up the cat. Several scratches later and untold trauma to both of us, kitty and I get in my dad's car and he drops me off at the car rental place. From there I go to my new vet. I love this man. He is a great vet. He takes x-rays of kitty and says that she might need surgery to remove stones from her bladder. I pace waiting for results and she has a clear x-ray. I head off with cat in her carrier and a case full of special urine friendly food which is supposed to get her back peeing with gusto.

It's now 4:15. I decide that there is no time to drop the cat off at home, so kitty and I head straight to the airport. I am texting my bf from the road - On my way. - Almost there - I'm here! Luckily he had to wait for a while in the line for customs, so I was standing there in my cat-hair covered work clothes with my cat in a bag slung over my arm ready to greet him when he exited from baggage claim. My plan of being all fresh and sexy looking for him were no longer on, but at least I made it. He somehow managed to look quite fetching despite 23 hours of travelling so at least one of us looked hot.

From there I dropped him off at home, and then took my sick but very patient and remarkably calm kitty back home. In case I sound like an insensitive jerk for dragging kitty to the airport, my vet had assured me that the only thing I could do for her was to change her diet and wait. He said that otherwise she would be a regular cat and there was no need to keep her inside or give her pills.

After settling the cat back in to the house, I showered, changed, and drove back to see the bf and welcome him home properly.


Tickersoid said...

Good for you. I find, when I schedule tightly.....never works out.

tornwordo said...

Sounds like you held that together well. Hope kitty's better.

Freak Magnet said...

All's well that ends well. Give the BF a smack on the ass from me.

Stewie said...

Happy Birthday!

Hey, does your cat have free health care like the citizens do?

Dantallion said...

I doubt that's the kind of pussy bf had in mind for you to greet him with, but ok. ;)

Laverne said...

dantillion made me laugh.

Hope the reunion was stress free.

Ah. A bf.

I can't even imagine what that's like anymore.

Sparkling Red said...

I have NEVER had a cat that would calmly sit in a carrier for that long. Your cat is very accomodating! I hope she feels better soon.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

The best laid plans of mice and men...

Or something.

Still, I expect your cat would like the mice?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday!

Snooze said...

tickers: Indeed. But I didn't plan to schedule that tightly!

Torn: I think she's a bit better. hard to tell.

FM: I will!

Stewie: Fuck no, she cost me a bit. But that's okay - she's worth it.

Dan: lol. I think you're right.

Laverne: The reunion involved me so of course it wasn't stress free ;), but it's going well.

Sparkling Red: Welcome! she normally howls and howls, but I think she was subdued from the vet.

IDV: come to think of it, she hasn't caught any mice this year. Last year she killed and brought me about six.