Monday, February 14, 2011

What I've been up to

Some of you know this via FB, but the reason I haven't been blogging in a while is because I did indeed develop pre-eclampsia (in fact *severe* pre-eclampsia - I'm nothing if not dramatic) and gave birth 10 weeks early.

The wonderful news is that TM and I have a beautiful little son. He has to stay in the NICU for the next few months, but he is doing well. I go each day to the hospital and visit with him. Because he is doing well and doesn't need oxygen, I get to hold him skin-to-skin for an hour each day. Right now he is less than two pounds and just lies against my chest, fast asleep. It's indescribably happy and peaceful for both of us.

To backtrack...

I noted a couple of posts back that I was worried about developing pre-eclampsia. I was ignoring how swollen my face started to get, which is one of the indicator signs, and was instead focussed on the fact that I wasn't getting headaches or other symptoms.

I was sitting at my desk on Tuesday, when one of my coworkers came by and told me that she was worried about me and that I didn't look well. She encouraged me to call my obstetrician right away. I had an appointment for that Thursday, but she kept insisting that I call right away.

I did end up doing that and was told to see my obstetrician right away. From there, they took my blood pressure (which was 179) and the next thing I knew I was being admitted to the hospital and pumped full of meds. The next two days were really rough. My body was breaking down, but we were trying to delay delivery in order for the steroids they had given me to give a protective effect to my baby's lungs. The medical team wanted 48 hours and with their help I managed to hold on that long.

My parents were still up north and due to a huge snowstorm, my siblings and I had to convince them not to rush down. However, I am so blessed because not only TM, but also my MIL slept in my hospital room that first night. By the time of my C-section, my parents had arrived, as had my siblings and my sister-in-law. I was so grateful for all of the support.TM was in the operating room and actually peered over the sheet to watch them removing our son. He doesn't get nauseated by seeing me cut open. The medical staff warned us well in advance that they would have to remove the baby immediately to insert breathing tubes, etc., and that we wouldn't get some nice birth moment of the baby lying next to me. Indeed, the held him up to me quickly and when whisked him away. TM swears that the baby gave him the stink eye as if to say, "Hey, I was comfortable in there! What have you guys done!??'

Since then it took time for my health to be stabilized, but I'm back home and loving my new time of visiting my son.