Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of summer

I can't wait for Fall. Of course right now Toronto is in the middle of a heat wave so Autumn doesn't seem near at all, but really it will be here before I know it. I like Fall. Finally no more air conditioning and yet no need quite for boots, scarves, and mitts.

Life is chugging along. I had insomnia the other night and went downstairs to read for a while. I decided to just sleep on the couch, but the dog was having none of it. She's part collie and she was so distraught at TM and me sleeping in separate rooms that she kept running back and forth, up and down the stairs, until I went back up to bed. She was fine when I was reading. Just not fine when I was going to sleep. She's such a herder. I guess it's in the blood.

I caught the Fur Snake nose to nose with the dog the other day, happily sniffing each other. When she knows she's being watched, the Fur Snake is very distant with the dog. Crazy girl.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rip van Winkle time

Good grief. We are finally back in our condo. Remember the great flood of May 2010? That would be the one where our upstairs toilet broke and within minutes all of our flooring was destroyed. Since then we've been living on bare concrete floors with scattered area rugs which get dirty and covered in pet fur in days.

However, we took a week's vacation and during that time arranged for the flooring guys to come in. The dogs went off to a cottage with a friend for her own holiday and the kitties were boarded at my vets - that worked as my older cat had bad teeth and needed five removed so the operation was done during their time there. When we got back I had hoped the floors would be done, but no, it took a further week. That translated into me off to my parents' place with the cats, and TM off to his parents' place with the dog. Not to mention that we had to make the clothes we had packed for a week work for a week extra. Personally I would wear the same thing to work every day and not care, but it's not socially acceptable. I managed only with the help of 'casual Fridays'.

It was weird not having access to anything. Our insurance was great and the guys came in and packed EVERYTHING. However, that meant that anything we hadn't packed for vacation (which was to NYC so we had city appropriate clothes - luckily we weren't vacationing on a beach) was completely inaccessible. We also asked the movers not to unpack the boxes as we want to resort and store any item we don't urgently need. Our place was overly cluttered.*

However, we are finally back in and our floors are stunning. We opted not to replace the laminate downstairs and instead got polished concrete. I love it and it matches the ceilings which are also concrete. The best part though is being able to sleep with TM again and our menagerie. Our happy little household is finally reunited.

*mainly due to the fact that due to my previously untreated depression I was a hoarder, almost like you see on the tv shows.