Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And the moving hell continues...

I had a different post planned - all about my negative body image (oh yes, bet you're sorry I didn't go into that typical female rant...), but right now I'm waiting for the floor guys to come and replace our bedroom floor. Before we moved in, there was a leak in one of our bedroom windows and the whole floor was ruined. But the replacement never happened and eventually we bought IKEA wardrobes in order to keep the clothes chaos to a minimum. And yet we kept waiting and waiting and waiting for our floor.

Yesterday apparently the dudes came by to replace the floor. That would have been fine if we'd been given any notice, but we hadn't been. I was out with the dog and the baby when they were here. TM was at work. Of course floor dudes can't do a thing because our bedroom is filled with furniture and clothes. As in, our bedroom is a bedroom. The result is that the flooring dudes arrange to come back the next day (as in today) to do the floor. They were set to arrive at 8am. All this meant was a hellish time of emptying our closets when really our place is so small that there's nowhere to put stuff. The nursery is piled high with crap, the bathtub is filled with duvets and other bedding... you get the idea.

As it was POURING at 6am today, this also meant that I couldn't take the dog/baby for their regular walk today (Normally I leave at seven or seven-thirty, but I had to be back for the workers). The dog got a quick pee when the rain stopped and then I came back upstairs and waited, which I am still doing. My worry is that the work won't get done today in which case we will continue to live in this utter chaos and I will have to cancel a dinner party for colleagues I was planning to host tomorrow. In the grand scheme of things these are not huge problems, but honestly, I'm getting extremely worn down by the constant moving/shifting/rearranging.

And during the course of this blog post I got a text from the building manager so everyone should be here in half an hour. Now I'll just see how I manage with the baby while floor chaos and dust ensues. Sigh. At least it's sunny now. I can sit on the balcony if need be.