Monday, May 31, 2010

Tired but happy

Well folks, I am now officially married. Everything went very well on the day, and at the Chinese banquet the day after. I wasn't concerned about the weather because I decided well in advance of the wedding that as weather is the one thing none of us can control, I was not going to stress about it. That said, it was a sunny day and we were able to have the ceremony outside, which really helped as the indoor part of our wedding venue was small.

One of the stand-out moments for me (apart from the whole marrying-the-guy-I-love bit which was incredible) was that we had a friend of my mother's drive up from the States to play the harp at our ceremony, and at my request she played Robby Burns' 'My love is a red rose' while we were signing the marriage license. The surprise was that my father sang the song. I didn't expect that. Luckily they did that during the rehearsal so that I wasn't completely taken by surprise during the ceremony itself.

It was a small wedding so I got to talk with all my guests.

Like anyone notes, months of planning and over in a flash. Now onto the real challenge - marriage!