Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Having a baby who is pretty easy-going is not too bad (I mean, it's a joy and all, I'm referring to the work part here). But moving? Hell. Hell, hell, hell. We have been in our new place for over a month now, but we still have too much stuff and contractors are still in and out finishing/fixing stuff. I'm slowly going mad and feeling trapped. Now that it's cooling down a bit though, I'm going to start doing one fun activity a day. I do get out each day for a medium walk to the coffee shop and then dog park, but I need more time just hanging out with the little guy. Doing laundry does not count.

When we were staying at my parents' condo I was having a frustrated new mother day and went to the nearby coffee shop to get an espresso. I was sitting there sipping my espresso and looking exhaustedly at the stroller which contained my adorable and FINALLY asleep baby and a woman came up and stared chatting to me and ooh-ing over the little guy. It turned out that she had four kids of her own, the youngest of whom is now ten. Anyhow, she made my day and over the next few mornings when I saw her as we both grabbed coffee, she told me the most hilarious (to me at least) argument moment. When she and her husband are bickering, she calmly says "Focus, honey. Focus". It calms her husband right down but what it stands for is "Fuck Off 'cuz ur stupid". I had never heard it before and I almost died. I could never actually use it in an argument though because I would fall on the floor snickering.