Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of summer

I can't wait for Fall. Of course right now Toronto is in the middle of a heat wave so Autumn doesn't seem near at all, but really it will be here before I know it. I like Fall. Finally no more air conditioning and yet no need quite for boots, scarves, and mitts.

Life is chugging along. I had insomnia the other night and went downstairs to read for a while. I decided to just sleep on the couch, but the dog was having none of it. She's part collie and she was so distraught at TM and me sleeping in separate rooms that she kept running back and forth, up and down the stairs, until I went back up to bed. She was fine when I was reading. Just not fine when I was going to sleep. She's such a herder. I guess it's in the blood.

I caught the Fur Snake nose to nose with the dog the other day, happily sniffing each other. When she knows she's being watched, the Fur Snake is very distant with the dog. Crazy girl.


CoffeeDog said...

Don't you just love watching the menagerie?

rox said...

Heat wave? Girl, we had frost here the other day! I love Fall too, it's my FAVORITE season!

The cat slept in my room last night on my bathrobe and at 4 AM when hubby went to the washroom, the dog heard him fart and burst right in and slept beside the cat. It's a gong show.

Susan as Herself said...

Fall is my favorite as well. I love the crisp (but still mild) daytime air and the cool nights.

eroswings said...

I'm a summer fan myself-luv the heat! It's the perfect excuse to go to the beach for a nice swim.

I'll take a humid day over bone aching freezing winter any day! And those fall winds dry and crack my lips, prompting emergency measures to use lip balm so my lips stay kissable soft and attractive!

That's funny about the pets--sometimes, they act so human!

tornwordo said...

This morning the heat finally broke. Can't wait for crisp mornings and light jacket weather.

Snooze said...

CD: They are endless entertainment

Rox: Oh I can perfectly picture the scene!

Susan: Another vote for Fall.

Eros: I can't stand the humidity. Bring me snow any day. I guess this is why it's good you live in Texas and I have my Canadian winters! As for your lips, I hope you are kissing many and often. After all, no point in having kissable lips if you don't use them all the time.

Torn: I was so thankful when the heat broke here. I need to dig out my jackets now. Can't wait.