Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yes, I'll sit there

The other day I was thinking about how often I give up my seat on public transportation. And then I thought: I'm a 40 year old woman. People should be giving up a seat to me!

I immediately decided to no longer give up my seat to anyone except to the frail elderly, women who are really, really obviously pregnant (too many times I've offered my seat to non-pregnant women), and people who are disabled. Apart from that, it's my turn to be comfortable.

Today I was standing in a very crowded subway car and a young guy (early 20s) offered me his seat. I was ecstatic and accepted gratefully. I have no problem with people calling me ma'am or showing me respect. I am older now. I embrace it. I thanked the guy and enjoyed a relaxing ride home.


Dantallion said...

It might have been a lot more fun if you could have enjoyed "the ride home" and then "thanked the guy", no?

(I think I need to get laid.)

Stewie said...

Good for you!

I used to give up my seat all the time on the metro, but after never being thanked (and including dirty looks because I didn't jump fast enough), my fat ass doesn't move.

-jkg said...

haha. its your time to shine snooze!

mainja said...

yeah, i only give my seat to people that look like they *need* it. Basically the list you mentioned above.

I have also had the experience of having someone offended I've offered my seat, which is a bit awkward.

Oh, and then there was the one where I offered my seat to an old guy who shook his head emphatically and said no no no, and then a couple minutes later, when a guy offered him his seat he said yes and promptly sat down...

Snooze said...

Dan: You know, I actually rewrote the sentence about three times because I thought it sounded too suggestive and your mind went straight to the gutter anyhow! Perv - lol

Stewie: I can't believe you got dirty looks. I can't blame you for not moving now (although I do hope you move for people who are disabled)

jkg: Indeed!

Mainja: That's it though - we're both old enough now that older men feel embarrassed if we stand for them. i've had that happen too.

tornwordo said...

What you're a forty year old woman? Prime of life darlin. I'll give up my seat for mom with little kids, cane holders and the extremely elderly. You are not in those categories.