Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's cold!

Thus it's cold sore season! Well, for me that seems to be year-round and sadly this one is not hidden discreetly up my nose. I'm not messing around with home remedies though. I phoned my doctor's office and asked them to fax a prescription for acyclovir to the pharmacy. Tomorrow I should have real relief.

I have the cold sore just in time for a team photo too - somehow I agreed to climb the stairs of the CN Tower. That's 1700 steps. hahahahahaha - I must have been in one of those team spirit work moments when I agreed to this. I'll be lucky if I don't pass out half way up. My out-of-shape ass is going to be protesting after one flight of stairs let alone the ridiculously insane number of flights I'll be climbing.


mainja said...

Two things have changed my coldsore life (and I'm a very coldsore prone person).

First, as soon as I feel a coldsore I ice it. Basically, one ice cube in a paper towel until it melts. I do that every hour or so for a bit.

It does something about slowing down the growth of the virus or something.

Also, Abreva has been amazing. If I can catch it right at the beginning and put it on right after icing, I often actually can get away with little more than a vaguely itchy red spot. It's AMAZING.

And at the very least, it keeps things down until you can get your hands on some acyclovir.

eroswings said...

1700 steps!?! Will they be keeping tabs on you or could you just excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and then take the elevator? Otherwise, wear comfortable shoes and stretch before the ascent.

Good luck with the cold sore. Although, I'd be more worried about being fotographed looking all ragged after climbing all those stairs, gasping for air and sweating!

tornwordo said...

OMG you are going to die on those stairs. I hope you get to take the elevator down at least.

Roxrocks said...

I hate it when I agree to things I would never normally do. Good luck on the stairs. Sorry about your cold sore!

Tickersoid said...

I just roll with the cold saw punches. No treatment other than time. They were largely the cause of the end of my modelling career.

As for the climb, just think how firm your buttocks will become.

Ponygirl said...

I soooo don't envy you climbing all those stairs! You are going to be one sore puppy a couple of days later!

I get cold sores all the time too - had to resort to antiviral pills, as nothing else now works. They are expensive as all hell (close to $5 a pill) but they work really well. I, too, get the ugly sores in my nose, but also inside my mouth and on my lips.

Can't someone come up with a cure for those things.... soon?

Susan as herself said...

Oh, lord, that's a LOT of stairs. No way could I do that---go girl!

Freak Magnet said...

So? Climbing the steps? Has it killed you?

Stewie said...

Holy cow! 1700!!

Damn, congrats!

I had to climbe 50 - 60 today and wanted to cry.

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Spots and cold sores always get you when you could really do without em :>) x never a good time eh:>)

Snooze said...

Mainja: You are right about the ice and Abreva. However, for them to work you do have to get the spot at the first tingle. At work, I misinterpreted the tingle, and using ice at that time was impossible anyhow. Acyclovir is what I'm going with from now on. GONE in 12 hours. of course the disgusting wound from the original sore kept bleeding and lingered on for a week, but that points more to my need for vitamin C.

Eros: It was actually 1776 steps. I was by FAR the slowest in our team of three. But I made it. At flight 60 I honestly didn't think I would.

Tornwordo: Indeed - we took the elevator down. And yes, I was exhausted. However, by the end, I rested every five flights and felt okay.

Rox: Thank you! both over and done with now. However, I will not relive another cold sore thanks to my buddy prescription acyclovir, but will try the climb again next year.

Torn: I think my thighs are luverly now.

Ponygirl: I am so in love with the pills. As for the climb, I wasn't sore, but a day later, I was exhausted and slept for 14 hours.

Susan: It wasn't pretty.

FM: Just about. But I met several people on the way up who were sitting and resting too. We all commiserated and it helped.

Stewie: I did cry. But only briefly. Then I met two extremely obese women at one rest and thought that hell, if they had the guts to tackle this for charity, so could I. I so admire them.

WoW: Yes, just when I *had* to pose for a team picture and then an event at work. Gah!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I thought for a minute that you were still part way up or down those steps, then noticed you'd replied to the comments. Way to go!

Why do coldsores always wait until photo ops, dates, special occasions to come out? Little bastards. I always keep a little tube of aciclovir at home & at work for use as soon as I feel that first tingle.

Snooze said...

A tube of aciclovir? Must look into that. I only was offered pills

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Over here, one can buy it without prescription. It's a cream (with 5% aciclovir, apparently) that can be applied straight to the tingle, and it really works. I haven't had a coldsore in ages!

Snooze said...

Time to put my British citizenship to use and move to what is obviously a far more advanced country.

Ponygirl said...

I used to use the topical acyclovir but I no longer get the tingle (called 'prodromal syndrome') and don't know I have one brewing until I get the painful, itchy bump. By then it is too late for the cream to work, so have resorted to the pills. Expensive but worth every cent!

Snooze said...

Ponygirl: Okay thanks for this. I don't think I really got the tingle either. I do love the pills and agree that they are worth it. Mind you, with this job I for once have a drug plan.