Monday, September 13, 2010

New method of saving water

Normally we wash the dog about every three months in the upstairs shower stall. However, said stall is still filled with boxes from when everything was packed while our floors were redone. I had no energy to move all the boxes, so I just dragged the dog into the soaker tub on the main floor and washed her using that shower while I had my shower before work. It worked well.

With the higher sides of the tub, she couldn't run anywhere. She just stood miserably and endured her bath. Then when she had to shake, she shook herself still in the bath. Normally she runs out of the shower stall and gets water all over the bathroom, but she was way more inhibited by the sides of the tub. After a quick towel-dry, she went off and I just finished by showering/hair washing activity which also rinsed all the dog hair from the tub.

The dog never stays clean for long though. I think I saw her rolling in the dog park as I returned home on the streetcar. The dog does so much prefer to smell like sod/mud/poo/dead stuff. I preferred her burnt marshmallow scent this morning though (this is the scent of my doggy conditioning glitter spray). Too bad it never lasts.


tornwordo said...

Their instinct is to cover themselves with stinkiness. With Georgie though, he rarely needs a bath.

rox said...

Taz needs a bath and a haircut. His face smells like Peas. Blech!

I can't imagine taking him in the shower though...I'd look like Freddy Kruger had his way with my legs! He does enjoy the river or the lake though. Weird dog.

Snooze said...

Torn: I'm so used to cats who are scrupulously clean. This 'roll and cover up my clean shampoo scent' is new to me.

Rox: Luckily our dog is very calm during a bath. She doesn't like them, but she doesnt struggle.