Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Where do I live?

The other night TM and I were watching the series premiere of CW's Nikita. I'm used to seeing Toronto masquerading as other cities and it becomes a game to see what buildings you can recognize. At one point Nikita drove up to a building and TM remarked that it was City Hall. As I usually don't recognize anything, I was excited to see the familiar curves of City Hall. Right at the point where we were both agreeing - yes! yes! it *is* City Hall - onscreen Nikita stated to the guy in the car - We are at the UN.

This cracked us up beyond belief. I think for me it was so hilarious because I hold the UN in awe and here was a Toronto landmark (all very interesting in and of itself, but since I work right next door to it, not the 'omg the UN').

In other news, I can't stop eating comfort foods. It seems that Fall is encouraging me to gain. Nothing of course to do with my lack of will power...


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Landmarks on TV can be very confusing - Especially to those of us who are geographically challenged.

As for your other point: It's no use going against Mother Nature - It'll all come off in the Spring, anyway.

Perplexio said...

My wife & I do the same with movies set or filmed in Chicago. NBC's ER was particularly egregious when it came to this. The hospital it was set in (Cook County Hospital) is not close to any El Stops (at least not as close as it was portrayed on the TV show). And the lakefront was portrayed as within short walking distance... Cook County hospital is west of the Sears Tower which is, itself, about a mile from the lake front.

So far the best use of Chicago in a movie was The Dark Knight but in that movie Chicago was posing as the fictitious Gotham City. I especially loved how the logos on the city buses were changed from "CTA" to "GTA"

rox said...

It's comfort food season, I'm doing the same thing. *sigh*

Susan as Herself said...

Like Perplexio, I love watching stuff that is supposed to be set in Chicago, and clearly it is Toronto or Vancouver. Especially funny when the actors say something about being somewhere specific, like "I am at the corner of LaSalle and Wacker." And I am like, "No you're not."

eroswings said...

For me, it was Forest Gump and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Filmed in several locations in and around Savannah!!!

Luved taking my visiting friends to see the places shown in the film.

But I do get a kick out of seeing places on tv that I've been to, like the Golden Gate Bridge!

Maybe next time they film a scene at the UN/City hall building, you can get a job as an extra!

Snooze said...

IDV: I think I may launch a protest with the tv company telling them that I now think the UN looks like Toronto's city hall.

Perplexio: Really? I had no idea about that with ER.

Rox: I forced myself to have blueberries and granola for breakfast today. The problem is that my weight never seems to come off in the spring!

Susan: And I wouldn't catch those lapses. I'd probably just be confused when I got to Chicago

Eros: I wanted to go to Savannah after seeing Midnight. Good to know it actually was Savannah that I was seeing!

Perplexio said...

On the flip-side my wife & I were watching Grace is Gone, an indie film featuring John Cusack playing a guy who finds out his wife has died in the Iraq War so he takes his kids to an amusement park to tell them that their mommy has died. The movie was clearly filmed in the Chicago 'burbs as he was driving down Ogden Ave. in Downers Grove... A route that my wife & I are all too familiar with from our old commute.

And I once read a book titled Downers Grove and it messed with my head a bit as it was set in the area I was living at the time and the detail the author went into about the area-- I could tell he was either from the area or he had done his research. It was almost spooky reading in great detail fictional events occurring at real places I had more than just a passing familiarity with.