Saturday, March 05, 2011


My son is doing well. He's now 2 and a half pounds, which oddly seems huge to me. He was also moved to a new hospital where they have a nursery which is a step down in medical care - this is good - it means he doesn't need as much supervision. He is doing well but still needs a CPAP to help his breathe which isn't unexpected for premature babies.

I am pumping away, hooked up like a heifer to an electric breast milk pump. I have to pump 8 times a day which works out to every three hours. I usually sleep at some point though for 5 hours straight and so have to make up pumping time. It's exhausting. Also, given that I have to shower with my arms crossed over my chest, I was dreading it. It's actually been okay although the pump they have at the new hospital makes me feel like my nipples are about to be sucked into a void. Sweet Mary - I sit there holding the cups to my chest trying not to scream and doubled over in pain and around me are women sitting calmly milking away. The pain goes away after a couple of minutes, but I don't get these other women. Also, I'm always near some woman who seems to produce enough milk for snack time at a kindergarten class whereas I produce about a cup of milk per day. That's enough for my son right now, but as he gets bigger I will need more. As such, I am on a prescription drug to increase milk flow. So far it is not doing too much.

Finally, we gave our son a name which has been in my family for centuries. In fact you can see the name on the tombstones in the town where my Mum comes from in Scotland. Much to my horror the short form - Finn - is shared by a character on Glee. I had no idea as I don't like the show and never followed it, and neither did TM. However, Finn is the trendy name of this year. There are bound to be five or six Finns in his class. Ah well, I still like the name.

And did I mention we're getting our place ready to sell? Yes, my life is a blur of pumping, packing, and visiting my son in hospital. But it's all good.


Lesley said...

So glad to hear your son is doing well! It never ceases to amaze me that people will name their child after a character on a television show. Finn is a great name, though, and it's very cool that it's been in your family for so long and you can now pass it along to him.

heartinhand said...

I love the name Finn too! Ahhh, it could be worse. You could have named him a name that rhymes with a very close in age cousin like we did with our oldest! Then you have to listen to a Tanorexic say for years "Oh you named your kid after mine!" Ugh.

So how long do they figure he'll be in hospital? Does he have to reach a certain weight? So happy to hear that he's growing and getting stronger! Good job Finn!

The boob story? The mother guilt begins! There's always SOMEONE who has more milk, is more organized, is just MORE, you know? The Jersey sitting next to you probably has low quality product anyway. =)

Did you guys find a new place?

Hammy said...

Hey Snooze! So glad things are progressing well for you and the little guy.

I have personally encountered the industrial breast pumps you're describing (when I was trying to breastfeed my first). There is an intensity dial on the pump - usually they tell you to start the first couple of minutes on a lower setting and then increase when you're ready (read: desensitized). This may help you out; take a look next time you're in.

Interestingly, we had considered Finn for our new baby (who isn't here yet) as it was a name that I had liked for some time. Glee killed it for us; so we have chosen another, just in case this is a boy. :)

Take care,

CoffeeDog said...

Hey girl - so glad things are going well, keep on pumpin'


Susan said...

Lesley: I do still like the name Finn, but no matter what you name your kids, they will look at you when they're ten and say, "Why on earth did you name me ----"

HiH: Okay, your name story is worse. I'm not sure what the criteria for release is. I think that a certain weight is necessary, but mainly that they are stable to be without supports (pressurized air, etc.), and that they are able to feed on their own. Thank you too for reminding me about mother guilt. It seems that came in strong before my milk did!

Hammy: YES! I took a really close look at this pump and it turned out that the suction dial was hidden. It was turned up to max.

CD: Thanks darlin'

Susan as Herself said...

My friend Tara had the same breat trouble as you--- pumping and pumping and very little milk for her very BIG and hungry girl. The drugs didn't work on ehr either, and she finally gave up after several weeks and supplemented with formula, and finally switched to formula only after a few months.

Snooze said...

Susan: Because he's a premie I can keep up with his needs for now but although my milk has increased, the hospital will probably have to start supplementing with formula soon. The stronger my baby gets though, the less I worry about that.