Thursday, June 14, 2007

I rule the beach

I was having a wonderful dinner with my parents last night until I realized that they see me as a complete failure. However, I'm not through processing that little bit of news, so I am going to instead write about one area that I have completely conquered: the clothing optional beach.

When I last posted about the beach, I had managed to lie there naked for an hour. As that experience had gone well, I decided that I was going to return, and this time I was not only going to lie there, I was going to get up and walk to the edge of the water, and then return to my towel. I figured if I survived that that I would then make a third trip to the beach and invite a friend along.

Coincidentally, a few weeks after my initial visit, a friend was hosting a bbq in the park area of Hanlan's Point. I felt that that would be the perfect opportunity to try phase two of the clothing optional beach experience. After being at the bbq for a few hours, I announced that I was just going to go to the beach for a while. It was a great group of people so my excursion was no more alarming than if I had said, "I'm going to go and buy ice cream."

However, everyone was so relaxed that one of the guys said, "Oh yeah, I'll go too"

Internally all I thought was, "WHAT??? No-ooooo-oooo. Oh my god..."

Externally I found myself smiling and nodding like this was nothing to me and telling him "Oh yeah. That's great. Let's go."

When we reached the beach, we found a nice patch of sand and then I took my clothes off as quickly as humanly possible. I had a bunch of sarongs in my purse so I gave him one to sit on. At first it was a bit awkward as I was trying to avoid looking at him, but then I just relaxed and the two of us chatted about all sorts of topics - none of which had to do with sex or nudity. I also did get up and walk to the water's edge as that had been part of the original plan.

It's nice to be back to such a state of comfort with my body. As a teenager in the north I was used to being in various states of undress around friends [and not in a sexual sense]. We had so many lakes that invariably we would end up at someone's camp and have a late night sauna/skinny dip, or else on the way back from one bar we would have to cross a golf course and we'd strip down and go swimming at the lake there in order to cool off. In Toronto, there aren't these natural chances to be naked. After all, I was threatened with being charged when I just waded into the fountain at Nathan Philips square fully clothed.

Hmmm... writing this I'm reminded of how much I miss the north.


Susan as herself said...

I know what you mean about spending time undressed as a kid in the middle of nowhere. I recall as a kid canoeing with my dad and brother and we'd all take our shirts off cuz it was hot. and yeah, there was plenty of skinny dipping and such as a teenager. it just didn't seem like a big a deal as it does now. Hmmm.....

Snooze said...

Susan: For me it's because now when I'm naked with someone it's usually because it's sexual, so it brings up feelings of insecurity, being judged, etc. Back then it was just relaxing with friends.

tornwordo said...

You are so cool. I've only gotten as far as you. At a nude beach in Hawaii '92, with 6 friends. I was dying inside as I was the only one who stripped. Still, in defiance, I walked to the water and back like it was nothing. I've never done that since.

Snooze said...

Torn: Oh good for you for walking to the water! I bet your friends were all envious of your courage.

Tickersoid said...

It has just occured to me , I've never been in mixed company or in public, naked, other than in a sexual context.

Tickersoid said...

It's time for me to frighten the children;-)

Freak Magnet said...

If I did what you did, I'd probably die from embarassment and then total awe that I actually had the balls to do it.

Kudos, girl!

katrocket said...

that's most excellent. Good for you!

final score: Snooze 2 / Beach 0

Rebekah said...

I'm impressed.

Never been to a nude beach, although I went topless in Greece.

However, everytime I took my bathing suit top off, huge clouds would roll in and cover the sun.

Perhaps I was being sent a message?

Stewie said...

FWIW, the fact that you were able to do that will no doubt help you with any insecurities you may have getting naked in the bedroom.

Note, I'm not saying you have any, I'm just saying that it will help if you do.

madamerouge said...

my ex intro'd me to nudity: Wreck Beach, Vancouver

haven't been to Hanlan's

I don't fare well in the sun

Snooze said...

Tickers: Do it! Find a nude beach, children be damned.

Freak: I now find it completely normal.

Katrocket: hahahaha - that's true. It did not defeat me.

Rebekah: Yes, the gods were not approving that you were not fully nekkid

Stewie: I have decided that sex is evil. And wrong. No more nudity in the bedroom for me.

MadameRouge: I've always wanted to check out Wreck Beach