Sunday, June 10, 2007

London Underground song

Fukkit posted this on her blog. Now although I love transit workers and don't grudge them one cent of their salaries, it taps into every commuter's frustration over transit delays and has excessive use of the "c" word. What more could a song need?


Tickersoid said...

Now there's a job for you.

tornwordo said...

The c word has less, um, weight over there. Loved the vid.

Snooze said...

Tickers: Yes! I will apply now. And, I'm a British citizen, so I'm fine to move and start.

Tornwordo: I know, it's so great. I just put that in to warn people who are scared of da cunt!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

What a delightful song. Perfect!

madamerouge said...


Tonight coming home on the #6, teh driver wuz on crack, I swerz. He kept pulling the bus over to yell at people: stopped cars, roller-bladers. I mean, I wanted to yell at them, too, but I wanted to get home more. And I closed my eyes a couple of times, because I was sure we were gonna crash.

Stewie said...

I love the word 'cunt'.

It's so underutilized in the States.

But, believe me you, I'm doing my part getting out there.

Because I care about unity.

Snooze said...

IDV: It's stuck in my brain now.

MR: That's demented. I can't imagine a bus stopping to yell at roller bladers.

Stewie: Your concern for unity brings a tear to my eye. You are a good man.