Monday, July 30, 2007

Help wanted

Got a spare internet moment? Would you like to help a lovely librarian (that would be me) ?

If so, please go to the web site and let me know if back issues of The Annals of Internal Medicine are available full text for free or not and if there is a hold back period (what this means is that articles are free, but only after a certain time period such as 6 months after publication). I'm not sure if my access is linked to our work IP address or not as we are subscribers. I need to know if my clients can access the articles from their computers or not.



Stewie said...

I was able to access an article from '96.

That there is the link.

If you are looking for something in particular, hit my email addy and I can check for you.

tworabbitshow said...

I was able to access the full text of articles all the way back to '93, but that includes articles less than 6 months old, so I don't know if the holdback thing is working.

Snooze said...

Thanks Stewie and Tworabbitshow! It seems that the holdback for PDFs is 6 months, which isn't bad at all. Yay to the publishers for making research accessible!!!

Dantallion said...

heheh. You said 'annals'.

Snooze said...

Indeed. And 'back issues'. Together.