Wednesday, June 18, 2008

comments I love

There was an article yesterday about how the test for type II diabetes (as in the type associated with obesity and sedentary lifestyle...) misses 2 out of 3 kids screened. One of the comments on the story quoted part of the news article and then added one simple word:

If they had recieved proper test results and found their obese child to be at risk for pre-diabetes, the treatment would have been:
"increasing exercise, losing weight and changing dietary habits."


I'm still cracking up over that. But seriously, how did we go from not wanting kids to be overly focussed on their weight [a good thing] to reaching the point where childhood obesity and the associated health problems are at epidemic proportions? What the hell does promoting healthy eating and exercise have to do with lowering a child's self-esteem? Because believe me, if I had a kid who was so overweight that I felt the need to test them for type II diabetes, I would first be telling them to get outside, get some exercise, and to also exercise a bit of portion control.


eroswings said...

Some people just have no common sense. Be a parent! Look out for your own damn kids! Don't expect others to raise your spawn! If you spew it, you take care of it!

Reminds me of those overweight teens who tried to sue McDonald's for making them obese. Dude, it's not like The Hamburgler broke into your house, kidnapped you, and force fed you supersized meals with a gun to your head!

heartinhand said...

There's a whole generation of people that are so clueless and so unable to accept responsibility for their actions, it scares me.

Brice said...

I think it's part of the "politically correct" bs that's taking over north america. You're not supposed to criticize (re.point it out to) "at risk" kids (or their parents).

Laverne said...

I see these kids every day. The thing is, all of us ate crap when we were teenagers. We just moved around more. Remember Mom yelling, "you kids get out of the house now! It's a lovely day, go outside and play."

Kids have more money to spend on junk, and they don't play in the street anymore because they're too busy texting and IMing each other or leaving notes on myspace.

::Shaking my cane in the air at kids these days::