Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Let it pour

The other night I was at a party a few streets over from where I live. I was somewhat tired so I left around ten. No sooner did I leave than what was a light rain shower became some sort of torrential downpour. Of course this would be the night I decided to wear nothing under my dress (which thankfully was not white and had a light layer over a sheath so it wasn't obscene either). But it still wasn't looking appropriate the more soaked I became and as the main street near where I live is a little dodgy at night, I chose to run along a back alley to my house.

I wasn't in any danger, but I couldn't help but get paranoid. All those stupid Internet stories you hear and all the tv shows which show serial killers lurking in every doorway. At one point I was sheltered under some eaves trying to wait out the worst of the storm and was thinking, "If someone grabs me, no one is around to see a thing" Statistically I am far likely to be a victim of violence from a guy I'm dating, but you know, the mind spins. It turned out that the only creature lying in wait for me was Fur who had refused to come inside earlier and was meowing pitifully on the neighbour's porch. I had to scoop her up and carry her over a puddle in order to get to my entrance. God forbid her delicate paws got wet.

But the most amazing part of the rain ordeal was that when I finally got inside and squelched downstairs to the bathroom, peeled off the soaked dress and towel-dried my dripping hair, I noted that my eye shadow had stayed on perfectly. Hurrah for Smashbox! I looked like I was in a movie. I always stare at women in slasher flicks or rain/beach scenes where they are running around getting soaked or murdered yet still have perfect make-up (perhaps some mascara running). I used to think, "Oh give me a break. As if the make-up would last". But no more. I am a believer. Those slasher victims must have discovered Smashbox before me.


Laverne said...

Smashbox rocks. Man Snooze, the girlie things? We are in sync. For me, it's all about the Photo Finish Color correcting primer (I go for the green stuff) and the cream eyeliner. I got the little compact with eight tiny eye liner colors about a year ago, and have barely made a dent. Best 22 bucks I've spent in a while.

eroswings said...

Well, thank goodness you still looked like a movie star after your sprint in the rain!

Paranoia can sometimes be good thing, it makes you take action.

Brice said...

I don't know if i ever mentioned it, but I had a very bad experience at your corner.
I survived thanks to his weak testicles and my steel-toed boots.

Be careful.

Sunshine & Kitten Farts said...

I totally would have caved and called a cab. I'm a chickenshit.

-jkg said...

i was just thinking as reading your post: do serial killers work in the rain? it would make potential victims too slippery, no? sounds like a bad idea.

in any case. glad you saved your cat and still looked sexy when you got home.

also, another hollywood myth confirmed!

Snooze said...

Laverne: Now I'm going to look up the Photo Finish Color. You're right - we are in synch about the girlie stuff

Eroswings: It was so laughable to look in the mirror and see me looking like a complete drowned rat but with sparkly eye shadow.

Brice: Yikes - I remember you telling me the story, but not that it was in this neighbourhood!!! For some reason I thought it was Church Street. Or had you been at the Anarchist?

Sunshine: It started pouring on my way home and there were no cabs to hail and no point in calling by then

jkg: That's a good point about serial killers and bad weather. I hadn't thought of it that way.

Brice said...

I was walking from Church St to Ossington. They guy started following me at Bathurst, and made his move in front of the coffee shop beside Christie Pits.
Thank Goddie for Doc Martens and hot coffee!