Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meme time

I love the Internet cafe near my work. It's so dark and out-of-time.

Anyhow, I took this meme from Brice.

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie

Opening Credits: Rock Star (Hole) - Not sure how this relates. I'm a librarian. Kind of the opposite of a rock star.

Waking up: Drops of Jupiter (Train) - Aw, I bet Brice would love to wake up to this everyday

First Day at High School: Your body belongs to the state (Consolidated) - a very pro-choice statement. High school was my personal/political awakening so it works.

Falling In Love: WooHoo (Blur) - sure, why not?

Fight Song: Hit me baby one more time (Britney Spears) - Too funny that this came up

Prom: First cut is the deepest (Sheryl Crowe) - None of my dates left a lasting impression on me. Move that to a university dance though and yes, this song is very appropriate.

Life: Dead can dance (Porcupine Tree) - I downloaded this as Dantallion was praising the group but I haven't listened to it yet so I can't comment. From the title though it is how I feel when depression hits and I'm just going through the motions.

Mental Breakdown: All in the family (as in the theme song to the tv show) - good stuff. My family is crazy and central to my life. I cherish them all.

Driving: The Beer Song (They Might be Giants) - I've never driven drunk but I have puked out a cab.

Flashback: It sucks to be me (from Avenue Q) - Perfect! Yes! Pity me one and all!!!

Getting Back Together: Surrender (Cheap Trick) - Cool.

Wedding: Crystal method (Chemical Brothers) - No problem with marriage but I'd have to be on something for me to go through with all the white wedding hullaballoo

Birth of Child: Telephone Operator (Pete Shelley) - Okay, this doesn't fit at all. It is one of my favourite songs though (guy trying to hit on the operator)

Final Battle: The Flame (Cheap Trick) - Doomed to die of a broken heart.

Death Scene: Little Red Corvette (Prince) - I'm much too fast? Hopefully that means a quick and painless death.

Funeral Song: Always on my mind (Pet Shop Boys) - Quite frankly my former flames can tell me this, if this is the case, before my funeral. Like now.

End Credits: The ABC's of Kinky Sex (Lords of Acid) - I don't actually think that the "n" of the song is for necrophilia... I'll have to check.


Roxrocks said...

I'm also going to scoop this seems fun!

Brice said...

I vomited in my mouth from your WakeUp song.

Snooze said...

Roxrocks: I love seeing what different people have as music.

Brice: Oh please, I bet you had to go have a cold shower you were so excited

Acid Reflux ( said...

most of those songs remind me of being really stoned and fucked up! And, in Winnipeg.

eroswings said...

How expensive was your cab fare after the vomit?

The fight song is funny. Though, I'm sure there's a long line of people wanting to smack Spears...

About that Drops of Jupiter song, when it first came out, my 4 year old nephew kept asking me to play that Milky Way song...and I was like, what? I don't remember a song for Milky there a new candy bar commercial on?

Snooze said...

AcidReflux: Most of those songs remind me of Sudbury so we have a sort of symmetry.

Eros: I puked out the door so there was no mess in the cab [I'm such a class act]. I like your milky way story.

Laverne said...

I like that I at least know most of the songs on your soundtrack of life.

It seems like a lot of work though...

Susan as herself said...

That's a good one! Wish I had my Ipod right now so I could do it...