Monday, August 25, 2008

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

I miss my friends so much. This was a group of girls I know from high school. Six of us went for a Vegas week-end. I haven't kept in touch well with most of them, but it was so wonderful to reconnect on this trip. Actually, I'm not writing about Vegas because I was as dull as dishwater. Glad I went though.

I will describe my desert experience though. It's funny, I do not like summer. I don't like hot weather. When I worked on a ship and we were sailing through the Indian Ocean I was rarely up on deck. Yet I love desert heat. That dry radiating hug from mother nature is my favourite. I would love to live in Salt Lake City [I've never been there but near desert and mountains - Sigh. Perfect].

I went with five friends to Vegas but one friend and I skipped the city the first night and instead stayed at a spa near the desert. The next day we went to a canyon with brilliant red rocks and followed a one and a half mile trail through the desert. By the end my face was redder than I have ever seen or thought possible and I was cramping from dehydration. It was an easy hike too AND I brought water. Apparently not enough. It's easy to see how that dry heat catches up quickly. However, it didn't take us long to recover.

I haven't had a vacation in over a year. This was exactly what I needed. I also discovered that I am over one of my fears and one discomfort. After the desert hike we went and hung out in the hotel spa for a few hours in the afternoon. We alternated between the whirlpool, steambath, showers, and laying on couches sipping tea. Out of the 10 or so women in the area, I was the only one who opted out of wearing anything in the clothing optional whirlpool and steam bath. I am over my body consciousness. At least a bit. And the best part was having a chance to be alone with my dear friend.

I took the red eye home. Although I still don't like to fly, I don't have a terror of flying anymore. I fell asleep shortly after take off and only wake up to hear them announce the landing. I think I must have fallen asleep again because I don't really remember the descent or feeling the plane touch the ground. I woke up at the gate as the plane was ready to debark. Then I came home and slept all day.


Roxrocks said...

On a plane?
In the desert heat?

I had a panic attack just reading that. I'm glad you had a good time though!!

Brice said...

Glad the vacation did some good, i think you needed it too.

Freak Magnet said...

That makes one of us who likes the desert. Hug, my ass. It felt like I was literally baking.

Tickersoid said...

I hate the heat. Love the look of sunshine, it's just the heat.

Susan as herself said...

That sounds like a great vacation---even though I am not one for heat in ANY form.

Very relaxing sounding....

Snooze said...

Roxrocks: it wasn't all three at once ;) Air Canada is not clothing optional [thank heavens]

Brice: And how. It was wonderful.

FM: I almost died laughing at work over your dismissal of my hug comment. I don't understand how anyone can't love the desert.

Tickers: I hate heat but oddly enough loved the desert heat. I hate the sunshine though.

susan: The spa was sheer bliss. I'm so happy and grateful that I went

tornwordo said...

I guess I should read older posts first. Vegas, duh. The red rocks trail, forget the real name, but I've done it!

Desert heat is so much more friendly than that humid shit we get up here.

Snooze said...

I so agree with you about the desert heat versus our humid hell. The place was Fire Canyon.

eroswings said...

Sounds like a great vacation! It's so awesome to reconnect with friends...the first night I was in Vegas with friends, I couldn't take my eyes off the sidewalks...there were so many topless stripper ads littering the ground! It's a miracle I didn't walk into a pole!

You're right about desert heat. It's refreshing. My friends in Arizona didn't understand why the Phoenix heat wasn't bothering me. I told 'em, 'Hey, it's dry; there's no humidity'; they didn't get it til they came to Texas and were bitch slapped by the Gulf Coast humidity.

Snooze said...

Eroswings: Suddenly I hate Toronto which is not normal for me. I want to be back in the desert.

I have an assortment of those topless cards. I love how they have little stars covering their nips.

Stewie said...

Damn. Completely jealous over the desert trip.

That's one that's VERY high on my places wanting to go.