Sunday, April 05, 2009

External appearance

Today I got my hair cut. It's still the messy mop I always have, but my stylist allowed me to have the hair around my face cut shorter. I don't exactly have bangs, but there isn't the horrific hanging dead length anymore. Anyhow, this completely made my day. That, and having coffee with one of my brothers.

Confession: I'm babbling about my hair and I'm terrified because I just sent an email to my ex. It was meant as a happy memory of him and some sort of closure from my long and traumatic break-down after our break-up [some day when I feel up to it I'll describe the scene of me sobbing and declaring undying love to him over my cell phone as I walked through a lightening storm. Sigh.] I don't mind if he doesn't answer as really, our connection is lost, but I'm scared he'll react in anger as he did once before because he wanted more space than I had realized and I was annoyingly obsessive in wanting to 'talk things out'.


Brice said...

I've always thought that the shorter your hair, the better you look.

I hope he doesn't respond...

Roxrocks said...

A new haircut can do wonders for a girl!

CoffeeDog said...

See, I would have sent the ex an old fashioned letter, that way you speak your mind, and there is little chance he'll interpret it the wrong way. I had a bad break up once, it lasted for about a year, yes it took usthat long to finally sever the ties!

eroswings said...

Hope you're enjoying the haircut.

Don't worry about the email. What's done is done. Chuck it up to a life lesson. Just keep moving forward.

Snooze said...

Brice: I have bangs, but the hair is still too long.

Rox: So apparently can getting the face waxed. I can't stop stroking myself.

CD: Ah, but I only have email contact. I get you about lingering break-ups.

Eros: Thanks!