Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And then there are commuters I love...

I do see - and try to practice - random acts of kindness on the transit system, but as evidenced by yesterday's rant-y post, it's often easier to dwell on those who make a crowded commute quite taxing. And yet, yesterday, still feeling like a psychopath on my way home, I left my gloves and wallet on the subway. I realized as soon as I got home that my wallet was not in my purse, but I figured that I had left it in my office. A few hours later when I was about to call credit card companies to put my cards on hold 'just in case' - I got a call from a woman who had found and kept my wallet and gloves safe for me. I had in fact left them on a seat in the subway when I got off to transfer to the east/west subway line.

I met her this morning at her work place. She returned my wallet and gloves, and everything was intact. She had gone out of her way to locate my phone number (indeed she called the few numbers in the phone book with my last name), and even called me again this morning to let me know that her train had left late and that she would be a bit delayed in meeting me.

I'm so grateful for her actions. Indeed, three times I've had wallets returned to me, and once a cell phone. Most people are good. I would say I'm happy but right now I feel another bout of depression closing in. I've been in tears for no reason the last week. ah well, I'll try to get off my lazy ass and do some major cardio, and if that doesn't work, then I'll go and get my meds adjusted. In the interim, I'll think of this woman and remind myself that really there's a lot to smile about.


Perplexio said...

Comedian Emo Phillips had a joke about finding someone else's wallet:

"If I lost my wallet what would I want the person who found it to do?

I'd want them to take all the money out to teach me a lesson."

But this is coming from the same guy who said,

"I brought my kittens to the lake and I cried and cried and cried because I couldn't skip any."

Rox said...

Maybe it's nearing your moon time?

You know, there really are more good people in this world than bad and I'm so glad you acknowledged this woman in your blog because that's heartwarming stuff, lady!

What I do when I'm blue? I go to YouTube and look up laughing babies. I don't care who you are, laughing babies will make you smile. That and puppies.

CoffeeDog said...

I once found a wallet on the sidewalk, it was late, I looked around for the owner and sure enough a girl in tears walks by and I just knew it was her wallet.

Sorry you are feeling low. Hugs

eroswings said...

There really are some very nice people still left in the world.

I'm glad you got your stuff back.

Best wishes to you!

The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Hope your pecker picks up hun, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. x

tornwordo said...

You are really lucky. I'm glad.

Aunty Christ said...

Wow, that's amazing. It really is something to smile about!

Snooze said...

I like Emo! Thanks perplexio.

Rox: I'm not sure. I'm not fond of babies but thanks so much for the tip. Mind you, toddlers always make me smile so I'll try that!

CDog: Aw, you made her day. [and you always make my day. time for FB and Wordtwist? I haven't played in months]

And thanks to everyone!