Wednesday, October 07, 2009

VIA / VIA - I love them both

VIA Rail is Canada's passenger train service and I love it. I even love calling their 1-800 number and hearing the bilingual message. It's changed now and although still English followed by the option to switch to French, the old one use to say: Welcome to VIA and then would switch to a much deeper male voice saying, "VIa. Bonjour!" Still, I don't care - I don't need a 1-900 number when I have the VIA 1-800 recorded voice.

But today I am referring to Starbuck's new instant coffee VIA. I had no interest in trying it but yesterday when I was getting my daily espresso the staff begged me to buy a VIA three pack [I guess sales weren't going as well]. Because I love, love, love the staff at this particular Starbuck's, I grudgingly gave in. I bitched about it all the way back to the office but today, I felt that I should at least try it.

Not bad at all! In fact - good. WAY better than the disgusting crap sold as coffee in Tim Hortons (will never, ever understand why Canadians are so attached to that crap. So embarassed that they are now opening outlets in Manhattan. Barf).

I bought more today. At my other office where I work three days a week, I feel no attachment to any of the nearby coffee shops. Even the Starbucks near that office doesn't have the same joy and ambiance of the one near this office. As such, I think I'm actually going to drink *gasp* the instant coffee when I'm down there. Not to mention that VIA can make the hell otherwise known as camping more tolerable if I am forced to endure that again. Travelling too. Or the horrors of meeting or office coffee. Really, the possibilities are endless.

Go VIA!!!!


Susan as herself said...

My boss swears by VIA when he travels---he is a Starbuck's addict, so it must be good. I want to try it---looks so convenient... and ince I worked at Starbucks for almost 2 years, I am partial to the brand as well...

Rox said...


I am a Tim's girl all the way. Starbucks coffee tastes burnt to me. And it's hard to order. Seriously. Unless you are in the know about the menu, it's next to impossible to decipher.

The last time I went to Starbucks I just tried to get a decaf coffee and they gave me this pitiful instant decaf that tasted like it was filtered through a jockstrap.

CoffeeDog said...

You're alive!

I was wondering about the Starbucks instant. I'll have to try it.

eroswings said...

I've ridden on a long train ride; that was fun.

I'm not a coffee drinker, and I can honestly count the number of times I've gotten something from Starbucks on one hand. But that's great you've found something you like. It's those little pleasures that get us through a tough day at work.

For your treasonous comments about Tim Hortons, Canada's most sacred institution, you'll be relocated to the coast of Newfoundland (and Labrador) to fight the invading hordes of harp seal pups and write an essay on why the Winter Olympics should be held in Saskatchewan!

Perplexio said...

For the "designer" coffees (the ones with all the extras) I prefer Caribou Coffee over Starbucks (do they have Caribou in Canada?) For some reason Starbucks coffee tastes somewhat burnt, like the beans were over-roasted or something... not a fan of that.

For straight ahead black coffee without all the bells & whistles I like Dunkin' Donuts (the closest US approximation to Tim Horton's). In fact I like their coffee so much if I ever had to come up with a pseudonym Duncan Daughnaughts (can't be too obvious after all) would be at the top of my list.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Ooh, that's the second thumbs up I've read for VIA. Tim really liked it too so perhaps I'll give it a go now that you've cinched the deal?

Snooze said...

Susan: Yes! go for it. I've since had another as a coffee, and mixed another in with my protein shake.

Rox: Well, you're a true Canadian so you don't know any better ;-) I'm an immigrant so I don't have such loyalties! Actually, I've heard that a lot about Starbucks. I only drink espresso when I'm not at home [and now VIA] so Tims is out for me anyhow, and I can't comment on what a Starbucks drip coffee tastes like. I've never had one. I have had Tim's though and it's a coffee-like drink.

CoffeeDog : Sometimes I wonder if I'm alive or not then I fall off my bike and the bleeding reminds me that yup, I'm still here.

Eros: omg I SO want to live in St. John's. THANK YOU! And you're welcome to visit anytime (except you know, Timmies is VERY popular in Newfoundland too)

Perplexio: I don't think we have Caribou. At least not in Ontario. Like I confessed to Rox, I only drink the espresso anyhow. I think that DD has a better coffee than Timmies if I remember correctly. DD is a standard coffee. I mean, I really like McDonald's coffee for a drip coffee but it's just that Tim's is vile.

IDV: Thank you so much for pointing me to Tim's excellent post. That was a great one. I'm in agreement about VIA being a serious viable coffee option

tornwordo said...

I want to try the instant now. I too dislike the regular Starbucks, I swear they put double caffeine in it. I always end up sweating and heart palpitating.

Matt Swift said...

I've been thinking of trying the VIA coffee packets. I should grab a couple for my desk when I can't get away...

Snooze said...

Torn: I don't know if you'll like the instant then. It is quite strong. Mind you, I had the darker roast.

Matt: Definitely. I keep some downtown for that very reason.