Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Almost a heartwarming moment

As I am a bit embarrassed to show my face at the Starbucks where I caused a scene the other week, I was having my espresso at a nearby high-end department store a few days back [I was in the store drooling over my perfume which I discovered did in fact make it as my parents' gift to me this year. So happy]. Holy crap I live a shallow life, but back to my meaningful espresso story...

I ordered my double espresso and was waiting to pay when I realized that there was something a bit off about the customer currently at the cash. She was very well-dressed, probably in her forties, and unlike the rude mofo at the Starbucks, she wasn't barking obnoxious orders at the woman at the cash. On the other hand she wasn't really saying anything and she seemed almost paralyzed on her left side. Her right hand was held out with a variety of change on it. The cashier was carefully taking out the amount for the woman's coffee. The woman stared blankly.

As I had only arrived at the coffee station, I began to wonder - "Was the woman disabled in some way?" I decided that that was the case and began to think it was SO GREAT that she was out on her own and SO GREAT that the woman on the cash was helping her so graciously. And wow, didn't this woman look gorgeous and must be getting really good help at home with her disability. At that point I began to notice that she was muttering to herself. I revised my opinion to think, "Oh she's mentally ill! Again, SO GREAT that she is out and about and functional in the world"

Only then did I clue in that the stupid cunt was talking on her cell phone and that's why she had some weird paralytic hunch to her as she held the phone against her shoulder. She couldn't even be bothered to put the phone down and pay for her coffee. I must have been bug-eyed at that point. I was in such shock that I couldn't be bothered to yell at her. I did commiserate with the cashier though as soon as 'I'm so important that I can't get off my vital phone call in order to pay this serving woman' lady stepped off to add milk to her coffee (and truly I'm amazed that she managed to do that herself). The cashier and I cracked up discussing what an idiot that woman was.

I confess - I have stood in line on my cell phone and only paused my conversation to order and pay and even now I see how rude that is. Never though I have I done anything quite this ridiculous. All those jokes about the wealthy are sometimes on display and evident in this department store.

Of course because annoying woman took so long with the payment process that my espresso was rancid by the time I drank it, but I didn't complain or demand a new one. The service staff had dealt with enough irritation for one day.


eroswings said...

Ha! That's funny! It's amazing the things we come up with to fill in the blanks, and how we like to think positive--and how disappointed we are to realize all our assumptions were wrong! Some people are just rude jacka$$e$!!!

I'm not very good talking on the cell phone and ordering something face to face. I have a problem speaking on the cell phone with other people in the room, looking at me, especially it's a personal matter being discussed on the phone.

Lesley said...

It annoys the living shit out of me when people can't be arsed to put their phone down to order and pay at Starbucks. I find myself wanting to tell them "Hey, it's Starbucks! Show some respect!" since Starbucks is like church to me and all.

Susan as herself said...

OK, I find it hilarious that you thought a rich woman on a cell phone was mentally disabled. Very appropriate--HA!

Perplexio said...

My favorite insult is to refer to someone as a "Darwinian Nightmare." Such as insult might have worked in your previous Starbucks incident.

This woman wasn't evolutionally challenged so much as just being incredibly rude. So I guess, "Contrary to what you may have been led to believe, rudeness is not a handicap. Put the cell phone away and pay like a decent human being."

Snooze said...

Eros: That's not a problem, that's a great trait to not be chatting away on your cell phone in public

Lesley: I love it. Show respect for Starbucks! Yes!

Susan: In fact I was thinking that 'mental illness strikes everyone'. It is oddly appropriate though

Perplexio: I need to bring you around with me so that you can speak for me!!!

Rox said...

I had a similar experience driving this week. This lady was turning a corner and was taking for-ever-and-ever and I thought "Shit! It must be slippery!" But no, the bitch was on her phone!

I love that you say cunt. Love it. Is that wrong of me?

Matt Swift said...

I'd have no objection to interrupting her conversation to rudely tell her to get off the fucking phone or get out of the fucking way.


Matt Swift said...

PS. even though it's now illegal to talk on a cellphone while driving in Ontario (hands-free is okay), i've nearly been run over 3 or 4 times in the last 6 weeks by an idiot holding a phone at their head.

And they seem shocked that I shout at them!!!!!

Stewie said...

What the fuck!

Oh good lord if I was the cashier, I would not have plucked the money from that lady's hand.

Man I hate people.

Snooze said...

Rox: I love using cunt. I try to modify it though as I believe that 'cunt' should be seen as a compliment to people, but stupid cunt is not.

Matt: By the time I was aware that she was talking on her phone the transaction was pretty much over. And I'm glad you yelled at those bad drivers.

Stewie: I would *pay* to see your reaction if you were working the counter and a customer like that arrived.