Saturday, December 26, 2009

It's a family thing

My brother was up for Christmas so we got to talking about yelling at rude fellow patrons in the take-out line. It turns out that he had a story similar to my Starbucks moment [except that he had more success].

In this case he had been in a fast-food place and some dude came up to the counter and started screaming at the teenager serving everyone that he was tired of waiting for his fries. My brother told him something along the lines to shut up and that no one wanted to listen to him. The guy turned around to ream my brother out but then realized that my brother was slightly taller, and a whole lot beefier than him.

My brother stated, "Before you make the biggest mistake of your day, I suggest that you shut your pie hole, take your food, and get the hell out here"

Not surprisingly, dude grabbed his food and left.

Come to think of it, my coworkers hubby also had a similar experience at a fast food place. Like my brother, he is a big guy so when yet another customer was ranting excessively at the counter staff, he looked at him and said, "Obviously you have anger management issues. Get your food and go home and beat your wife or whatever it is you normally do."

Love. It.

Sadly it's probably pretty accurate but at least it got the guy to leave the premises. Meanwhile, enroute to my sister's place, my parents and I stopped in at Starbucks yesterday. It was all festive and the staff were happy as could be as they were earning double time and a half.

I hope you all had a great day.


Rox said...

Having kids who've worked in the fast food industry, if I see someone being rude (especially to a kid) I usually say "Wow, takes a big man to be an ass to a kid!" People can be such assholes! I hope you had a great Christmas!

eroswings said...

That's what sucks about working in the service industry--dealing with rude customers! It's always the losers that try to bully people.

I've had to deal with some rude mofos a few times over the years. Most times, I was able to stay professional. A few times I snapped back and those mofos never bothered me again!

Cheers to you and everyone else who steps up and puts those bullies in check!

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