Friday, October 22, 2010

Starting the day like a frat boy

Yesterday I took my prenatal vitamin and iron supplement with a glass of juice but didn't have time to eat. I decided I would grab breakfast at work. In retrospect a bad idea since vitamins + empty stomach = queasiness. This is without the added joy of pregnancy nausea.

I started to feel queasy on the streetcar ride, and by the time I descended into the subway entrance, I knew I was going to throw up. The TTC has three trash cans always joined in a row. Two are for recycling, and the third is for trash. I was moving down the row of cans mentally ticking off, "recycling...recycling...TRASH!". I leaned over the TTC trash can and started retching and couldn't seem to stop.

People weren't stopping but I didn't expect them too. I wasn't in particular distress. I was just vomiting into the garbage. However, one nice man did stop and ask if I were okay and ask if I needed water or something. In between retches I managed to turn my head and assure him with a hasty - just pregnant - before returning to retching. Moments later I gathered my composure and thanked him for his concern. Anyhow, thank you random guy, it was extremely kind of you to stop and offer help.

My barfing done, I felt fine and got on the subway to continue my journey to work. And I did indeed have a bagel when I arrived at the office.


rox said...

NEVER take your vites with a banana on an empty stomach either. You will feel like Dizzy Gillespie!
Em is taking these vites from GNC (where she works) and she has to take them three times a day. They are some sort of low dose time release ones. They come in a cute baby bump bottle, which is probably what lured her in. LOL!
When are you due?

Snooze said...

I'm not due until the end of April. Thanks for the tip about bananas!