Monday, November 29, 2010

Highs and Lows

I have taken this week off to try and get on top of things at home. Or rather, to dig out from under the mess of laundry, outstanding cards to write, etc. It's not relaxing at all, but it will help with my stress level considerably if I can knock some things off my to-do list. I don't have the energy or desire to do enough after work, and TM doesn't either.

One big happy event of the week is that my neighbour was silent. There were enough complaints that he was sent a letter from property management detailing how for every subsequent noise complaint the owner would be fined $500. Whether or not dude is the owner of the condo and decided not to pay $500 every time he came home drunk or he is in fact renting and the owner called him and stated that he had better not get a noise complaint I don't know. But either way, the week-end was silent.

I also had a very very lengthy ultrasound where it seems that little ALF is developing just fine. However, much to my shame I had a meltdown in the waiting room while waiting - what else?- for the results. I had thought the ultrasound was going to take 20 minutes but instead it took an hour and a half and I was out of my mind with hunger. Anyhow, I told the receptionist that I wasn't waiting anymore and left with TM in tow having to listen to me rant away.

I ended up grabbing something to eat, and then going back upstairs and apologizing to the front desk person. Not that I was screaming or abusive to her, but I was crabby and as if front line people don't get enough of that. Anyhow, my results were fine. TM and I opted not to know the sex. It's just easier for me and my paranoia if I don't start talking to my little fetus as an actual person with one of the names we've chosen. Better to pat my alarming fat stomach and say, "Hello little ALF".

Meanwhile I think I'm all prepared for motherhood as the dog has puked/peeed on our bed for about five days in a row. We have started trying to shut her out of the room, but as our bedroom has no door (loft-type condo), it's not that easy to do. As such, I think I'm all ready for poop and pee and no sleep. Still in complete denial about having to breast feed though. Ah well, I have over four months to mentally prepare myself.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

ALF is a fine name. I hope you consider it.

tornwordo said...

What if you moved to quebec? Expecting parents get a year off with pay that can be split between mum and dad or that mum can take all herself.

Hammy said...

Don't let them tell you you have to breastfeed. It's a choice like anything else.

I tried the first time around, it didn't work for us. This time, no trying - straight to bottle.

Happy mom = Happy baby


CoffeeDog said...

Hmmm, Snooze breastfeeding...why am I all of a sudden distracted? :-)

A melt down at the doc's office is to be expected, given your wait time

Inexplicable DeVice said...

ALF? You're not having an Alien Life Form are you?

St. Dickeybird said...

I love that you're calling it ALF. And that you're both healthy.

rox said...

Hammy's right, breastfeeding is a choice, don't stress over it. I'm excited that you didn't find out what ALF is, that's half the fun!

Ain't no meltdown like a hungry pregnant lady meltdown! Glad everything turned out okay.

Not as bad a Freak Magnet as Norman said...

SACRE BLEU!!! MARRIED?!?!? BABY?!?!? Oh, my darling, I've been away entirely too long.

eroswings said...

Titties for Tots!!!
Boobies for Babies!!!

How exciting! Great for you for taking time out to balance work and life. How nice of your pets to help break you both into the whole parenting thing! You've got the feeding, the cleaning, and the potty training down!

Snooze said...

LBB: If the child has a pronounced hairy snout then for sure.

Torn: Ontario now has the same. Of course you guys have a zillion times better daycare. I would move if I could convince TM.

Hammy: I agree. I'm going to give it a shot, but I'm not going to martyr myself.

CD: omg you crack me up my fellow perv!

IDV: Have you seen ultrasound pics? Indeed I am it seems

St.Dick: :-)

Rox: I had hunger meltdowns pre-pregnancy. This has just really upped the intensity.

Freak: I miss you posting. How is the house coming along?

Eros: I learn so much from my zoo.