Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sleeping sickness

Between my week off and my first week back at work I've been quite productive during the week, and paying for it at the week-end. As in, I cannot stay awake. This used to happen to me as a student though - around February each year I would sleep for about 3 days straight. Today I got up with the dog, but ended up sleeping for another hour at eleven, and then another four hours at 2pm. I only dragged my ass out of bed because we are having TM's sister over for dinner tonight.

I definitely wasn't pregnant as a student, so it must just be something about my system. I wouldn't mind so much except my dreams have become vivid, memorable, and quite horrific.

Highlight of the week-end was Friday where TM and I went and saw Blade Runner on a 70mm print. What a phenomenal movie.

Oh, and the neighbour was back at it last night. This time TM went up and pounded on his door and was greeted with something along the lines of, "Touch my door again and I'll fucking kill you you homo". Lovely. The cops came this time though so we'll see if that makes a difference.


Ponita in Real Life said...

Being tired is part and parcel of growing a little being in your belly, Snooze. It'll get better... ;-)

St. Dickeybird said...

Yup, that's a baby taking all your energy.
I hope the cops take that threat seriously, it's a hate crime whether or not TM's gay. In fact, if that's a condo that's probably sufficent to have him evicted.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the sleep while you can because you'll never sleep again, once you become a mother. Seriously. =)

Your neighbor deserves to be homeless.

tornwordo said...

Why are people so hateful?! I'm going to behave disruptively and then when you complain about it I'm going to threaten your life. This person doesn't deserve the space he's taking on our planet.

Snooze said...

Ponita: Slowly I'm learning to just sleep as much as possible

St.D: I'm going to see how this develops. I'm disappointed that he was given a warning and not charged for the death threat, but he's on the police radar now. And I completely agree that it's beside the point if TM is gay or not - neighbour's homophobia is unacceptable.

Heartinhand: Oh no... my child is going to sleep 12 hours a night. [you can stop laughing now]

Torn: Agreed. At least this prize-winning specimen is single. I would hate to think of someone having to suffer as his partner.

Susan as Herself said...

UGH---I had a whole family of neighbors like yours---it was a nightmare. I was there 6 years, if you can believe it. Called the cops on them so many times I lost count.

Laverne said...

Oh man, this kind of crap is something you don't need. What an absolute waste of a human being. Didn't you say there is an owner or a manager or something? Can he be complained to directly?

The police need to take this more seriously; I get a ticket if my little dog is off the leash, but this guy can repeatedly disrupt other people's lives, and then threaten them if they complain?

That's bullshit.

I'm sorry it's still going on.

eroswings said...

To Snooze and the Gang,

I just wanted to wish y'all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!!