Sunday, December 26, 2010

Peace to all

I hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays. I am catching up on some much-needed sleep.

Right now I'm watching Scarface on A&E right now. I prefer it to the Christmas schlock which has been polluting the tv channels of late. However, A&E is one of those channels that irritatingly blocks out 'bad' language. In Scarface this equates to about half the dialogue in scenes. More to the point, all the violence is in there so give me a break - we can show the kiddies some guy being beat up and then hanged from a helicopter, but god forbid we hear the word 'fuck'.


St. Dickeybird said...

I love that movie. And with all the "snow" it could ALMOST qualify as an Xmas movie...

rox said...

One of the best movies ever! "Fuck you mang!" Gets me every time! =)

Susan as Herself said...

It cracks me up when actor's mouths are clearly cursing and yet we hear "Forget you!"

josey said...

How did your xmas turn out??

Snooze said...

St.D: lol - brilliant.

Rox: I have still never seen the ending. Must rent it once and for all (I fell asleep part after writing this post)

Susan: Agreed. My fave was watching Fast Times at Richmond High and (apart from just cutting half the scenes) was a discussion in the men's room where one student said to another: Did you hear that Jeff Spiccoli called Mr. Han a fuzzy nerd?

Josey: Great! Hope you had a great one too.

And to Laverne: My email is letmesnooze and I'm on gmail.

eroswings said...

Happy New Year, Snooze and the Gang!!!


Cheers and Best wishes for a new year full of wonderful surprises, laughter with loved ones, and good times with good friends!!!