Saturday, January 01, 2011


Welcome 2011!

There was so much that I had to be grateful for in 2010. Topping the charts would be family and friends, my in-laws, my new family (TM and growing ALF), the miracle that I was even able to get pregnant, still having a job, and the most awesome family doctor ever.

Yet there are other smaller items that keep me going and deserve their own little shout-outs.

Cipralex: Thank you little happy pill. Without you I would likely be dead. Thank you for getting me through the hormonal ups and downs of pregnancy as well.

My local Starbucks: Thank you for being a part of my morning routine. Wake up, take the dog out, stop at Starbucks for my blessed solo espresso in the building right across from us, then continue on to the parkette so that the dog can have her morning pee. Starbucks, you don't make the best espresso in the world, but it's decent, does the trick, and your staff are unfailingly pleasant.

Roots hip-hugger black trousers: omg I love you. I'm past five months of pregnancy and can still wear these because they sit below the ever-expanding belly. Also, thank you for having designed trousers that truly are hip-huggers as opposed to the ass-crack-exposing crotch-huggers that sadly were in style for years.

Mount Sinai Hospital: Thank you for giving an obstetrician who is realistic and who after my first visit told me that having a coffee was fine. Thank you too to your physicians who wrote Canada's Pregnancy Care Book. Unlike the fucking horrific paranoia of What to Expect When You're Expecting (seriously, don't EVER buy this book for someone unless you want them to believe that having Doritos during pregnancy will cause irreparable harm to the fetus), this book actually lays out the medical facts of pregnancy without touchy-feely unproven stupidity.

And last but not least... Toast. Toast, you are my friend. Covered in butter you make my world. Thank you.

Best of 2011 to everyone. I am having family over for a New Year's meal today. Last night I stayed in and prepared the steak pie. TM went out to visit friends but came home in time to ring in the new year with me. A very good way for us to start the year.


Ponita in Real Life said...

Happy New Year to you and TM and ALF, Snooze! It's gonna be a doozy for ya! All the best.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year!

Next time I'm in GP, I'm going to look for those Roots pants. My ass crack is cold.

Em's MIL bought her the What to Expect book. HA!

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Ooops! I think I just ate one of your friends.

* hastily brushes away toast crumbs *

Happy New Year, Snooze! And to your TM & growing ALF, too.

eroswings said...

Happy New Year, Snooze and family!!!

A Toast to you!!! (Buttered and ready to be dipped in hot sweet tea!)

Susan as Herself said...

YAY!! Happy 2011. And happy toast(ing)---may 2011 bring all yoru dreams into the world.

Snooze said...

Ponita: And all the best to you too!

Rox: The What to Expect book is the definitive guide, and I think I've even bought it for people, but on reading it - man, it's so paranoid.

IDV: My friends are loved all over the world. Glad the host was enjoying one. Here's to the year ahead - who knew last year that we would both become dog owners!

Eros: Mmmmmm... perhaps I should have toast for dinner. Happy New Year to you too.

Susan: And a smooth year for you ahead!