Saturday, January 08, 2011

More little loves

Today I feel like crap and so am back in love with Bird's custard. My mum used to make that for me and my sibs when we were kids, especially when we were ill. It's still completely soothing to me and is one of the few foods that appeals to me right now.

I also am craving beans on toast but I have no beans, and worse, no bread. This will necessitate a trip to the grocery store later on today. I just hope my throat stops feeling like it's on fire. Still, I've managed to avoid the flu/plague that seems to be felling many friends and coworkers. Thank you Ontario's universal flu shot program! I took advantage of you early on and am reaping the rewards.

I was sick all last week-end too. Majorly run-down and slept 14 hours a day. This was followed though by about the most productive 3 days I've had at work in ages. Also, I have started reading Robert Fisk's book The Conquest of the Middle East.

I'm on page 80. Only 1000 more to go. Fisk is a long-time and particularly articulate foreign correspondent. This is part of my goal this year to work on my mind. I'm tired of reading about moronic movie stars. I do follow some gossip blogs though and decided that I was just going to put equal time (at least) into non-fiction reading. Honestly, I don't consider myself some uninformed degenerate, but already I've learned so much more about the middle east.

And now, back to my custard.


Inexplicable DeVice said...

Mmmm... Beans on toast with custard for pudding. That's Sunday lunch sorted!
I hope you manage to get your beans and bread. Maybe a banana to go with the custard?

rox said...

Comfort food...I LOVE IT!

Feel better! Drink lots of water.

eroswings said...

I just got over the flu! Damn you, filthy unwashed masses for spreading your germs!

Luv custard! Especially with pancakes! Who needs syrup when you can drip custard over your pancakes?

Hammy said...

If the nausea persists, I recommend diclectin. One of the many reasons to sing O Canada - totally safe anti-nauseant not available in the US.

It's essentially an antihistimine with a b vitamin complex - lets you get back to feeling human again. :)