Monday, May 12, 2008

Lost in time

I love going to the nearby Internet cafe on my lunch. It's completely dark in here and I have a complete sense of disorientation. It could be midnight. It could be midday. All around me Korean guys in their early 20s are gaming. It's raucous and I have no clue what they are saying. Sometimes I have to get the attendant to switch the keyboard over to English for me. I love it here. It's my escape.

Yesterday Fur Snake had her first kill of the season. A mouse had wandered into my apartment. I had first been alerted to that fact by seeing the two cats pacing the same bit of floor together - my cats are not friends so seeing them in the same area was odd. The I saw a dark shadow dart under the couch.

Fur was the one stalking the mouse. I grabbed a tupperware container and started stalking the mouse too. My intent was to save it, Fur's was to kill. I don't know if any of you have seen a cat hunt, but it suffices to say that my awkward attempts at cornering the mouse were no match for Fur's skill as a hunter. In less than a minute she dared under the couch and came back out with the mouse in her mouth, the tail dangling down.

I half-heartedly tried to get her to release the mouse, but I was running late to meet a friend and didn't want a mouse in my apartment. As such I scooped up Fur Snake, mouthful of mouse and all, and tossed her out the kitchen window onto the roof. Tasha jumped out the window after in the crazed blood lust of them having fresh kill. I slammed the window shut on my cats and their cruel games.

By the time I returned home I had two cats sitting on the roof wanting back in, and no sign of the mouse.


Heidenschneckenbaum said...

Part of me hates that, and part of me knows it's natural and just let it be. I wouldn't want the damn thing in my house, either.

tornwordo said...

Mice are so fast and yet the cats are faster it seems. Fascinating.

Susan as herself said...

Mmmm, dinner. (Heehee.)

Snooze said...

Heiden: I don't like seeing the cats 'play' with their prey, but I don't mind seeing them hunt. If they're hungry, it's a quick kill

Torn: It's amazing watching two contented house cats suddenly come alive

Susan: ;-)

Stewie said...

There's something incredibly appealing about working on a PC in a crowded environment, but still be in a world of your own.

I love coffee shops.

(Yeah, I pretty much commented on the first paragraph that was just a breezeway to the actual post, but it's the image that grabbed me). :)

katrocket said...

Dogs do some pretty gross stuff, too ("yay! let's all roll in some poop!"), but I think it's so cool when you get to observe their wild instincts in action.

Snooze said...

Stewie: Oddly enough I prefer not to see laptops in regular cafes although I get what you're saying. But I do love the darkened ugliness or internet cafes.

Snooze said...

Kat: I'm with you on seeing animals as they are