Saturday, May 10, 2008

Signs of spring [and summer]

Tasha on the neighbour's fence. She likes to run on the roof of the factory pictured behind her.

Fur hanging out right outside my kitchen. She sits on the window ledge when she wants to come back in.

I open the kitchen window and my cats go in and out all day. They jump off the roof onto the fence and then run off to destinations unknown. Touch wood - they always come back.


Heidenschneckenbaum said...

I leave the patio door open. They don't go off the balcony, but they get all excited anyway.

Snooze said...

That's good if your cats aren't leaping up on the balcony. It's amazing to see how alert cats are when they are outside.

CoffeeDog said...

Which one is the fur snake?

Our the lil kittens are outside all the time.

Snooze said...

In the lower pic. I tend to just call her Fur now as she is no longer a lean snake - more like a Fur Ball (she doesn't weigh much but she is so fluffy. Her vet described her as 'all fur')