Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spare my ego

Recently I've lost about five pounds (although I think I've refound it). Not much, but enough that people at work who I don't know well were coming up to me and asking, "Have you lost weight?" I guess I toned or something. Anyhow, yay me and all and the important part is that I feel more toned and healthy. I feel like I'm on the way to getting my body back after ten years of a distinct lack of exercise and over-eating. In fact, I was feeling all conceited about my shrinking body.

On the tv channel that shows whats on (as in, the tv guide channel), they often have a commercial for a weight loss product playing in the background. I've included the exact commercial courtesy of youtube, but if you are inclined to view the moronic commercial, it shows a woman talking about her great legs, waist and hips, but not to be jealous of her because she tells us, " 'this' [and then they cut to a pic of her in a bikini] is what I looked like before".

And there on the screen is a pretty good approximation of what I considered to be my smokin' hot new and improved body. Here I am thinking I'm all god's gift to the world and it turns out that I'm a BEFORE picture. Crap.

I think the woman looked good both before and now [a bit thin now for my taste, but she has a nicely toned body]. It still bugs me though.


eroswings said...

I'm afraid I'm going to need pics of your "smokin' hot new and improved body" in a bikini (or speedos) to make an objective comparison to the commercial.

Speaking of commercial, that lady's before foto looks fine. But if she really wants to look like a death camp survivor, then she's almost there; she all ready has the wonky left eye and gap in the top front teeth.

CoffeeDog said...

I am so fat right now...I have been stress eating. Good for you for losing a few lbs.

The TV guide channel - we call that the Channel Channel! Sometimes I hate the ads and whatnot they put on there, it distracts me from watching the guide to see what's on.

Sunshine & Kitten Farts said...

OK. That does it. I'm writing a blog on the subject. Read that and you will know my opinion on this matter.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Miss After looks like a teenage boy before the camera pans up to show her boobs & face. Eww.

Miss Before (and therefore you) looks bloody great! Although, what would I know?

-jkg said...

im with eroswings: pics or it didnt happen.

also, i TOTALLY agree with you about the before picture. i think she looked perfectly fine - no, GOOD - in the bikini, and she was a tad too thin for my taste in the "after" picture.

i prefer some natural curve in a woman.too thin is... too thin.

Stewie said...

I hate the media's representation of what they think men want.

I (and most of my friends) do not like skinny little waifs. I prefer something to grab on to.

Cameron Diaz can kiss my fat ass, Monica Belluci is where it's at.

katrocket said...

I know this commercial, and I hate it too. Here's something even worse: a friend of mine is a gorgeous plus-sized actress/model, and she once auditioned for a "before" role in a diet/exercise ad, and was told she was "too fat to be the fat girl". I hate showbiz people.

Congrats on your hot new self!

Snooze said...

Eroswings: What? You expect me to post a pic after you tell me that wonky eyes and gap teeth aren't hot? There's another of my illusions shattered...

Coffeedog: lol - I think of it as the channel channel too, I worried that no one would know what I was talking about.

Sunshine: Yay! Blog away!

IDV: I like Miss After too, but yes, I'm happy with my 'before' bod.

jkg: I like my curves now that I am back to being more of an hourglass. When the curve was an apple I wasn't as excited.

Stewie: I'm not familiar with Monica Belluci. I'll have to google her

Kat: That's so insane about your friend being told that. What a world!

EarthMother said...

I hate those stupid diet ads. Every magazine is rife with those new fad diet products.
By the way, someone who is in the biz once told me that the pics are often reversed. i.e. that the after picture is actually the before, and then the model puts on the weight for the "before" pic. So the model just spends weeks before the "after" pic starving herself before she goes back to eating like a normal human being.
Whatever ...
In my opinion, you DO have a smoking hot body. Always have had one, too, for that matter. Just ask S. my old bf ...