Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shoes, shoes, shoes [and other stuff]

  • I had an unsuccessful [but brief] hunt for brown shoes today. I don't see any Fluevogs or Fly London shoe styles that I want for the Fall. But, oh, the boots...
  • Fur killed yet another mouse outside the apartment and I had to witness *yet again* her zeal in running back and forth with it in her mouth.
  • During my vacation I got a bed frame, a chair for my vanity table, a chair for the living room, a set of shelves for the bathroom, two extra shelves for my giant shoe rack, and snagged another chair for the living room from a brief visit to my parents up north. It was very productive.
  • I also spent a fabulous day roller blading on Toronto Island with D. I can roller blade now (although stopping is still a challenge). And the nude beach doesn't phase me. So there's some progress from last year. The day was marred only by my uncontrollable sobbing fit on the ferry ride home when I realized I would be late getting back to the city and had invited a friend over for dinner. I really hope my meds kick in a bit more. Two steps forward, three steps back.
  • I also organized much of my stuff, unclogged the drain in the laundry room, and got the computer guy by to fix my Internet connection
  • My garden produced so many tomatoes. It's quite exciting. Yes, that's how sad my life is : my tomato yield is what I want to tell everyone about.
  • I got caught in a massive subway delay last week and ended up walking the 4 miles home.
  • I was sure I had walked about ten. Mapquest set me straight on that matter
  • I was a pound heavier the next morning. Moral of the story : exercise sucks
  • In the past week I have been getting caught up on movies. I watched X-Men (all three), V for Vendetta, and Camp Out. I'm traumatized by the first four. The last one was a documentary about a gay Christian summer camp for youth in rural Minnesota. Amazing. I do wish we would hear more about the power and positive sense that communities of faith can have instead of always seeing spiteful people who claim to be the sole representatives of Christianity/Judaism/Islam


CoffeeDog said...

I agree, religion does have it's positive side. It unfortunate that folks don't practice what they preach more often.

tornwordo said...

How long did the four miles take you. And I'm curious, do you think in kilometers or miles?

I hope you enjoyed the walk, you see so much more on foot.

Roxrocks said...

Mouse killers are nice to have around, sort of.
Tomato crops are a thing to be proud of.
You weighed more because of muscle mass!
V for Vendetta is one of my favorite movies ever.

Freak Magnet said...

Rox is right - that pound you gained is muscle, and muscle burns fat, so you're better off.

katrocket said...

It's true - when I'm out shopping for shoes, I can never find a pair I like, but when I'm flat broke and just walking down the street, it's like 50 pairs of awesome shoes are knocking on the store window, begging me to take them home.

eroswings said...

Holy crap! You've had quite a lot to do! Good furniture is always a great find (even better when they're free!). The cat is doing an excellent job of exterminating the vermin.

Growing you own tomatoes is amazing! You eat your own tomatoes and you save money! Congrats on the rollerblading progress, but you've made me wonder: Are there nude rollerbladers along the nude beach?

Still, you've had a very productive few days! The holidays are almost here; I'm sure you'll find the shoes you want.

Snooze said...

Coffeedog: Or that we don't hear about the positive examples.

Torn: I think in both km and miles, but more in kilometres. I think I used miles because that was what Mapquest gave. I remember thinking "Hmmm... that's about 6.5 km" I love to walk but it was unexpected and although I was in flat shoes, they weren't the most comfortable for that distance.

Rox: I love my little mouse killer. My tomatoes look great - but to be honest, they aren't that yummy. V was good, but I preferred the graphic novel.

FM: I could hardly walk the next day.

Kat: Isn't that so true? I found a pair I LOVED today but they were $400. Not in this lifetime...

Eros: No path in the nude beach luckily! Oh, the thought of falling. My first week of the holidays I spent at least four hours a day on apartment organizing/cleaning. The second week I relaxed and then met my new niece.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

I am seething with envy at your productive vacation. I'm on leave next week and have loads of things to do, but just know laziness will kick in and I'll be back at work in no time wondering how I didn't get everything done!

I've just watched V For Vendetta, too - It was fantastic!

Laverne said...

The whole positive side of Christian faith and what it can do is completely overshadowed these days by the neo-conservatives who think God speaks directly to them. I hate having to explain myself every time someone finds out I'm a Christian.

I can't believe the tomatoes you grow yourself don't taste very good! What a rip.

Oh the shoes, the shoes... you know I share your pain. I've been looking for a low pair of brown sandals; you would think it would be easy as pie to find 'em.

Nope. And the quest goes on.

Sorry about the long walk. After work, that's not what I want to do in my less-than-supportive shoes.

Babz said...

Waz zup Friend? There's a message there, an insinuation in life for you concerning your rollerblading. Why stop? hahaha

I don't know, it seems to me like life is in the fast lane for you right now or possibly it just seemed interesting to me, even concerning the tomato plants. Hell, I'd be super exuberant over that as I had two plants years ago (back when I was a productive member of society, lol) and growing my own tomatoes was the coolest thing I'd ever done. Nothing beats a 'Mater Sammich w/lots of mayo and salt-n-pepper. Now that's good livin'!

Be good to yourself and behave but if ya just can't behave, c'mon and get me and I'll show ya how it's really done, ah ha!


Stewie said...

...and got the computer guy by to fix my Internet connection.

I'm thinking of porn and smirking.

Snooze said...

IDV: I simply had to organize the chaos I've had for the past five years. But do what I did if you want to have a productive vacation - promise yourself that you'll do three hours a day of work.

Laverne: Now see, you are my kind of Christian. I can imagine how tiring it must be to have people lump you in with the Palin crowd.

Babz! Lovely to hear from you. I must stop by and catch up soon.

Stewie: Ah, I still have my porn on DVD. :)