Wednesday, September 03, 2008

True equality

No more of this having to be twice as skilled as a man to get half the pay. Step aside Dan Quayle! Good to know that you can now be a woman and be completely unqualified for a position of power.


Roxrocks said...

Yeah, that's kind of embarrassing isn't it? I feel bad for her family.

madamerouge said...

She's a pretty effective speaker.

My blood ran cold, though, when the audience started chanting "drill baby, drill!" in reference to the Alaskan Wildlife Refuge.

Stewie said...

<3 you.

She's hot as fuck, but her politics (and lack of experience) scare the hell out of me.

She's hot as fuck though.

I hope my penis doesn't take over in the voting both.

CoffeeDog said...

She's hot, but hot does not make right. She scares me.

Snooze said...

Roxrocks: I am so tired of the celebration of ignorance

Madamerouge: Many twisted people are dynamic speakers

Stewie and Coffeedog: She scares the hell out of me too. I think they'll be voted in which scares me even more.

katrocket said...
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katrocket said...

[sorry I messed up my comment - it's a do-over!]

This whole thing is a ridiculous circus, but I have to agree with the hotness. She reminds me of Tina Fey, and the mad girlcrush I have on Tina Fey, but no amount of sexy could get me to vote a useless idiot into office. Though
I suppose Americans have gotten used to idiots in office by now.

eroswings said...

She's from Alaska...the Northern Lights and long winters have messed with her mind and made her delusional...She and her running mate can share the same medications.