Monday, December 01, 2008

Back to my geek roots

After flirting with my party girl slut side, I am returning to geekdom. Meaning I am staying in and watching DVDs. Shunning anywhere with loud music.

Plus I have a new geek side - I have ventured into comic book stores.

Yes, I am now a 'graphic novel' buyer.

When I was going out with Rob, I had started to read his copy of V for Vendetta. I got about a third of the way through. Then we broke up. I thought about that damn book for ages after. I figured that I would just borrow it from him at some point and read the ending. That was when I didn't realize that he didn't want to remain friends. Among other issues with that last part, I began to wonder how I would ever find out the ending of the book. Finally, I broke down and went and bought a copy.

In doing so, I had to venture into one of Toronto's comic book stores. I had always avoided those places like the plague. I never wanted to mingle with the clientèle. I mean, even though it had been truly charming to hear Rob's enthusiasm about various storylines and genres, he was hot and had a personality - I still had the sense that most of those people were all like the creepy dudes I knew back in high school who used to doodle dragons and shit all over their books during class.

Honestly, I was way more comfortable walking into porn stores. I entered the store and the whole time was praying that I wouldn't run in to anyone I knew. I couldn't bear the thought of having to talk to the staff. I ended up grabbing V for Vendetta and a few of Buffy Season Eight. Then I got the hell out of there.

That was the beginning of my long fall into my recent obsession with graphic novels. [part II at some point later]


katrocket said...

I totally laughed at the dragon doodling bit because my high school BF used to do that, and at the time I was thinking "My God, he's soooo talented."

But I like graphic novels - some of the best modern art around.

ty bluesmith said...

i like stories that end badly for the protag. the bad guy should get to win once in awhile.

Stewie said...

I love it when I'm in a video game store and a hot chick walks in sans the boyfriend.

It's awesome for two reasons. One, she's hot. Two, the reaction of the other dorks in the store.


(Just letting you know how the other side is feeling).

tornwordo said...

Yay for new hobbies.

Snooze said...

Kat: I howled reading your comment. Oh, aren't you glad we no longer marry high school sweethearts? And I do agree - amazing art and I do like the storylines.

Ty: Welcome! Yeah, always good to shake it up a bit. I like bad ass protags though.

Stewie: lol - but I am now geek girl. I blend in. Except that I always have good footwear.

Torn: Indeed! Unlike you, I couldn't get the hang of knitting.

eroswings said...

Excellent! I enjoy reading graphic novels--who doesn't love oversized, adult rated comic books!?!

I started with Marvel and DC, but then moved on to Dark Horse comics and thought, whoa! I remember the first time I read 300, Sin City series, Watchmen and thought, wow!

I totally hear ya about doodling dragons on notebooks--weak!...a true artist draws them in art class--like I did, in high school ;)

Roxrocks said...

My youngest is a big fan of graphic novels, particularly manga. I have to hang out in these weird places with her and it just goes against everything I ever knew as a teen.

Snooze said...

Eros: I am all over Vertigo. I'm not familiar with 300 - what's that about? Now, did you date Katrocket in high school, you dragon-drawer, you?

Rox: hahahahaha - oh I can just picture it. That would be the reverse - the parent pretending not to know the teen.