Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Christmas comes but once a year, leave a message - I'm not here.

Here's where I'll be...

25: Christmas - Parents
26: Boxing Day - Entire family
27: Relax
28: Turn 40, cry, get over it, throw party for small group of friends
29: Day off work. Sleep
30: Back to work!


Roxrocks said...

Don't be sad about turning 40, seriously? It's the best thing ever! Well, except for chocolate and wine. :)

eroswings said...

Merry Xmas, Snooze! Enjoy the holidays! Take every day you're alive as an opportunity to do what makes you happy, another chance to go for your dreams, and to spend the time doing the things you want and with the people you love!

Stewie said...

Happy Holidays, Snooze!

Stewie said...

Oh, if you had kids you'd be a straight up milf.

Fuck 40!

CoffeeDog said...

I wish I was there to help you celebrate your 40th! Happy Birthday!

Laveren said...

your 40th is a good excuse to have a good time! Don't stress, be with people you love, and it will be cool.

Oh man, my 45th is the next birthday for me...Now that's depressing.

Laverne said...

oops... can't spell my name.

Ponita said...

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy 40th Birthday, Snooze! Hell, 40 ain't nothin', honey! I am about to turn 51 in February. I like where I'm at in my head.... it just keeps getting better so don't sweat the numbers, cuz that's all they are.... numbers. You are only as old as you let yourself feel.

Tickersoid said...

So the 30th is the best time to burgle you then?

Susan as herself said...

Happy 40th!!! Come on in---the water's fine!! :)

eroswings said...

Happy B-Day, Snooze!

Everyday you're alive is another opportunity to do what makes you happy, go for your dreams, and live life to the fullest.

HotDudi said...

Heya hun, hope your birthday was all you wished for and more...& don't forget, 40 is nothing but a number :)

Also hope you're enjoying the festive season ;) Merry Xmas & Happy New Year xxx

Freak Magnet said...

Merry Christmas, Gorgeous. I hope you had fun doing everything.

Snooze said...

Rox: I'm still not convinced, but I'm there!

Eros: I did spend my birthday with my nearest and dearest so that was a good beginning

Stewie: Best compliment ever!!!!

CD: I would love to have had you here.

Laverne: Ah, I can't change it. It does depress me, but it's true, I am more relaxed now.

Ponita: Thanks for that - it helps.

Tickers: Where were you today? The alarm company and the cops were all ready. As were my attack cats who might have licked you to death.

Susan: *tentatively dips toes in the water*

Eros: Slowly I'm getting the hang of embracing life

Hotdudi: I believe you just turned 30. When you are 40, tell me it's just a number... ;-)

Freak Magnet: All I can say is I threw a good party

eroswings said...

Happy New Year's, Snooze! Cheers to a safe, warm, and amazing new year!

WV: partyy

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