Thursday, December 18, 2008

My annual gift

My annual tradition is going to be sharing with you my favourite safe[r] sex link. This year the winner is from Australia, and is a plain language approach to hot and dirty sex. It's titled "Sex Pigs". I so wish the straight community would have the same upfront attitudes to dealing with sex and more specifically, with HIV.

The group is People Living with HIV/AIDS, and their website is:

The booklet contains many gems, and I have personally never read a more touching description of fisting. Not my thing, but then I'm not the target market of this pamphlet. Here's an excerpt from that section:

“I’ll be gentle,” Steve told me when I was finally ready
to submit myself to be fisted for the first time. “You are
so gonna love this,” he whispered. “I still remember my
first time. It was in New York with a butch daddy who I
was just hot for. He really knew what he was doing.”

Sex Pigs. Read it. Live it. Love it.

Note, I am serious about this post. I'm not mocking of laughing at the pamphlet at all. I think we need more safe sex pamphlets written for people who actually like sex.


Susan as herself said...

I could not agree more. Safe sex manulas are a boon, and far to rare in this age of technology and rampant diseases. Sex is personal and there should be as many manulas as there are traditions, trends, lifestyles, tastes, and concerns. If we all had manuals available to us at any time we'd all be less ignorant and more tolerant, and probably more fun.

Stewie said...

Okay, I'm completely for people doing their own thing 1000%. I'm all about people digging sex. If more people dug great sex, we'd have less problems.

But gosh damn if that excerpt didn't make me clinch my ass.

(It could very well be I'm not into the fisting, be it giving or receiving, but I'll be damned if I judge people that are.)

eroswings said...

I hope they included a segment on hand washing in the pamphlet! It's the number one way to stop the spread of germs!

Snooze said...

Susan: So agreed.

Stewie: I like the fact you don't judge what people are into. I wish everyone were like that.

Eros: Where hands are involved, it's a good idea to make sure they're clean.