Sunday, May 24, 2009

Stretched thin

I wish the title referred to my body, but alas, it is a comment on me and all my friends. Especially the ones with kids - we are all so exhausted. Such is life and I'm spoiled to be able to keep going off on solitary bike journeys, but ah, life starts disappearing quickly.


Matt Swift said...

No kidding!
I feel like I don't have 5 minutes to spare in a week anymore.
Work, School, Recording... where's it going???

Roxrocks said...

You kids need to move to the country! Slower pace. Of course, then you have to deal with toothless hillbillies, but six of one...

Stewie said...

I hung out with a friend today who told me he's leaving the country for two years, and wanted to make sure we hung out once before he left.

He also mentioned that he doesn't pester me much to hang out because he knows I love my own company.

I've been reflecting on that statement, and coupled with your post makes me wonder if I should rethink how I live my life. (Not that I'm not happy, by any means, but maybe I could be even happier).

eroswings said...

Life is what we make it. Don't just dream--Do!

I've learned that life is too short. Enjoy how you live. We make our own choices to live our lives the way we want and need. I've learned that I'm not happy when I let others decide for me; I'm much happier when I make my own decisions, regardless of what others may think.

Susan as herself said...

The older I get the more fleeting time feels. I recall my mother telling me as a kid that a year was like a blink of an eye when you are a grown up, and she was right.

A lifetime is a firecracker flash.