Tuesday, July 06, 2010

God Save the Queen

So many queens last week-end at Pride, and now today I am going to go and see the ultimate Queen - Elizabeth II. Then I have FIFA to watch at a late lunch. Goodness! I'm going to be at work until at least seven tonight just to get my hours in. Actually, I think that going to hear the Queen's address is a government approved work event. After all, in order to work for the provincial government you do take an oath to serve Her Majesty. To be honest, I never think of the Royal Family, but I'm looking forward to this. I think she's awesome.

Yesterday there was a mini black-out in Toronto and it affected the hotel where the Queen was due to dine. She took it all in stride. I thought, "well no fucking wonder. The Royal Family didn't even leave London during the blitz." A black-out is nothing for QEII!


eroswings said...

Drag queens; British queen; all fabulous.

How about that Canadian who married the Queen's eldest grandson?

Approximately how many people have to be knocked out of the way in order for a Canadian to sit on the throne? Just curious ;)

I'll be watching the semifinals, too. I'm rooting for Uruguay, the underdogs, because there are all ready 3 other European countries in playing for the top 3 spots. But if the Dutch win, then good for them, too. They worked hard for it.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Oh, Liz is a stalwart old thing. After all, she's been married to Philip for all these years...

Snooze said...

Eros: A Canadian? In line for the throne? Good heavens. Can't have the colonies getting too uppity. (I say this because although completely Canadian I was born in Oxford)

Eros, sadly we can never watch FIFA together. Go Holland!* But now, Spain all the way.

IDV: The poor thing. I thought the same. It would have prepared her though for having to make small talk with Canada's prime minister

*I couldn't cheer for Uruguay based on the one guy from Uruguay I dated in my early twenties and who did me wrong. He obviously represented a whole nasty country. Okay, perhaps I was the asshole in that relationship... but still!

rox said...

I love the Queen too, she is like a duck, water just rolls off her.