Friday, July 02, 2010

Marching on

Yesterday was Canada Day but as I am disgusted by this country right now with our police state mentality and the social conservatism that our petty prime minister is bringing in I could not see a flag without wanting to vomit. Also, there were no World Cup games so I largely spent the day with the dog, either walking or sleeping. In the evening TM and I went to a fabulous Canada Day party at his friends' place. It was more of a housewarming. Amazing food, fantastic people, and no flags so it was a good time.

However, today I will smile fondly on Canada again because it is the start of Pride week-end in Toronto and I will be marching in the second annual Trans March. I need to try and get a Sis-squared t-shirt made up between now and tonight. That's short for Cisgendered Sister (cisgendered being people whose gender identity matches their felt identity), and is how my sister and I will be referring to me. TM will also be marching which makes me very happy to be his partner.

Happy 4th to everyone in the States and Happy Pride to everyone everywhere!


eroswings said...

What do Canadians eat on Canada Day?
I'd imagine y'all eat Canadian food like sweet pickled beaver and roasted moose--or maybe that's the stuff you save for Canadian Thanksgiving. Perhaps you eat bacon and maple syrup with poutine on Canada Day, like we eat hot dogs on the 4th of July.

Have fun at Pride! I hope the weather holds out and more hot biker cops show up.

CoffeeDog said...

Happy Pride!

tornwordo said...

One day we will make it to TO for pride. Have a great time!

rox said...

Cisgendered...never heard of it! Thanks!

Snooze said...

Eros: It's Pride week-end! Of course we'll all be eating beaver. ;-)

CD: Indeed. A toast to you and Mrs. CoffeeDog

Torn: That would be great! I'll be at Montreal Pride though, welcoming the cyclists in. Come and cheer with me.

Rox: It's not really used outside of the trans world, but it is a useful term.

eroswings said...

Save some for me! I luv sampling the local cuisine! ;)