Saturday, April 19, 2008

Off to the doctor [yet again]

For the love of god, I now have a urinary tract infection. For the first time in my life. What fun this past month has been!

Off I go now for a two to three hour wait at the walk-in clinic.

Update: Compared to my visit to a walk-in clinic for my sinus infection this was a breeze. Unlike when I had my sinus infection I wasn't in abject misery and pain so when they told me there was a one and a half hour wait, I went out for breakfast and then came back to the clinic. I was seen quickly by the doctor who had a phenomenal bedside manner, and he wrote me a prescription. Then it was a quick trip to the pharmacy next door to the clinic where the hottest pharmacist ever filled my prescription and complimented my t-shirt, and then back home. Yay! It will be a few days before the meds kick in, but I feel so relieved.


Freak Magnet said...

Oh no. Those are as bad as yeast infections, in a different way. Sorry to hear that, sweetie.

Stewie said...


I'm glad I'm not a girl.

But, then again, I get to look forward to a finger up my ass in a couple years.

tornwordo said...

It's funny, you put "yay" and "urinary infection" in the same post. Hmmm. lol.

Snooze said...

FM: I'd never had one before. Hopefully never again!

Stewie: Hey, you should enjoy a finger up the ass. Really, what's not to like?

Torn: Perhaps it's more 'yay' to the relief from my uti

Brice said...

Oy Vey! You're having a rough month.

I would have commented more, but my browser hasn't been updating and I've been seeing the same month-old post...

You definately need a drink or two!

Snooze said...

I can't drink on this particular antibiotic! At this point, I'm thinking that a bullet would be better anyhow.