Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bad body! bad, bad, bad...

I ate apples. I ate oatmeal. I had a salad for the love of god. Yet my body still stubbornly clings to the five pounds I gained over the holidays. Does my body not realize what an effort I am making for it? I should be rewarded!

Okay, I broke down and had a chocolate bar today, but it was dark chocolate! And it had raisins in it! That's health food. Tomorrow morning when I step on the scales my body had better show some appreciation.


Susan as herself said...

Mmmmmm. Dark chocolate with raisins.

***rummages in kitchen to find the closest thing***

eroswings said...

Don't sweat it. It's probably muscle gain. Besides, your body is probably gearing up for the major snowboarding trip.

CoffeeDog said...

Holiday pounds always stay long after the party is over.

Snooze said...

Susan: It was so damn good

Eros: Layering on the fat so it doesn't hurt as much when I fall?

Coffee: Truer words have never been said!

madamerouge said...

it gets harder as the years pass

Tickersoid said...


Two large bowls of cerial for breakfast.
Sunday lunch with chocolate pudding with cream for dessert.
Sunday lunch at work in 'Steel Workers' huge portions.
Three cans of beer before bed time.

Still putting on weight. Where am I going wrong?

Snooze said...

MR: NO! Please don't insert reality into my delusions

Tickers: Ah yes, that would have been my diet plan a few years back. I know it well.