Monday, January 19, 2009


I love pizza.

I had fries tonight and am over my fries fixation. I'm even over my -*gasp* - mocha fixation at Starbucks. It's way too sweet for me, and that's after asking for with only two pumps of syrup. But pizza still makes my heart beat faster.

Here are my fave toppings:

In a restaurant: Pizza margherita - just sauce, cheese and basil. Sometimes I like black olives (provided they aren't canned), and anchovies. Regardless, it has to be a thin crust pizza.

Homemade: I love cauliflower on pizza. Such a delight. I also love a pizza smothered in green olives - it has to be the ones which come pre-sliced in a jar. Sheer bliss.

Tonight I had homemade pizza with cauliflower and red peppers. The base was a cilantro/parsley pesto I had made in the summer, and the crust was whole wheat dough from Whole Foods. Their dough is delicious! I used plain old mozzarella for the topping, but it was perfect. Now tomorrow I can have my all-time fave breakfast: hot coffee with cold pizza.

What are your favourite toppings and is it different between take-out/restaurant pizza and homemade?


Susan as herself said...

I agree about the mocha---way too sweet. I don't care for anything sweet in coffee drinks.

Pizza is probably my all time favorite food, and I agree about the margherita pizza. Mmmm. I am not a fan of any sort of olives, but I love just about any other vegetable as a topping. I would have to say one of my favorites is: red sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, fresh garlic, and fresh tomatoes. (Some people think the fresh tomatoes are overkill with red sauce but I respectfully disagree.) I also love spinach on pizza.

Good thing I am not hungry right now!!! :)

Snooze said...

Susan: I love spinach too on pizza and I forgot about fresh garlic. I'm not partial to fresh tomatoes though just because the skins make me squeamish

Roxrocks said...

Too sweet? I don't understand that term. I could eat chocolate covered in sugar, that's how much of a sweet tooth I have! LOL!

On pizza? President's Choice has a Blue menu thin crust pizza that has grilled zuchini and pesto on it and I love it! I've made it at home from scratch and it's even better! Grilled zuchini. Is that spelled right? Zuchini. Zuccini. Zucchini. Zookeeny. Hahahah!

eroswings said...

I like plain regular crust pepperoni; sometimes sausage and Canadian bacon. What I don't get is pineapple on pizza!

I like eating anchovies, but I never think to order it with a pizza. I had deep dish in a Chicago restaurant, which was quite an experience. But when I order, it's mostly just plain regular pepperoni; though, I do like to try different things now and then.

-jkg said...

i usually get a plain ol pepperoni slice these days. i like to keep it simple.

but in my previous-to-simple lifetime, i loved spinach and artichoke. as well as fresh garlic and tomato [sometimes onion]

the margherita always satisfies though.

the pizza you made sounds pretty healthy. whats up with that shit?

[although i think ill try your cauliflower idea, even though its somewhat unorthodox here in new york]

katrocket said...

My fave pizza is: basil pesto, grilled chicken, roasted red peppers and artichokes. I also had a great pizza at Terroni once, something very original and tasty - a very thin layer of herbed chevre, topped with smoked salmon, capers, and caramelized onions.

Ok, now I'm craving pizza at 6am.

CoffeeDog said...

I love pizza too! Any kind will do. Pizza is like sex, even when it's bad, it's still good! My fave blend of toppings on a pizza are: Canadian bacon, banana peppers, mushrooms & red pepper flakes. We had the absolute BEST pizza in Maui last year, OMG it was to die for.

Brice said...

I love pizza. With cheese, ham, bacon, and red peppers. On a thicker crust, so it doesn't wilt and slop everywhere.

Whoever decided to put pineapple on a pizza deserves to have his ass glued shut.

madamerouge said...

@ Brice re: pineapple... WORD!

pepperoni, mushroom, onion, green pepper, black olives, Italian sausage... no parmesan!

Snooze said...

Rox: Oooh - I have an awesome pizza recipe for zucchini, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes and purple onions. It's so yummy. I've never thought to have it with pesto. I should try that.

tornwordo said...

I'm a thin crust, ground beef and sliced black olive guy at home. Out, I always order mushroom. I hate pepperoni.

Snooze said...

Eros: If I ate pepperoni, a plain pepperoni slice would appeal to me too. What do you eat anchovies with? I only associate them with pizza or salade nicoise.

jkg: spinach and artichoke sounds magical. As for cauliflower, it has to be well cooked first, and if you have tomato sauce, it's nice to mix it with it first. However, I discovered that cauliflower pizza is not very good cold.

Kat: I saw that pizza at Terroni but it didn't appeal to me - now I want to try it. As for your fave pizza - it sounds yummy!

coffeedog: You are so right about pizza and sex. Of course right now I'm limited to pizza for pleasure

Brice: I thought cheese pizza didn't agree with you? I don't get you pineapple haters! Not my fave thing, but not a hatred either.

MR: I forgot about your bizarre hatred of parmesan. Too funny. And again, not getting the pineapple hatred, but all of you are making me laugh!

Torn: I had the best mushroom pizza out yesterday. It was a blend of wild mushrooms. Delicious!!!!

Stewie said...


Gimme a thin crust sausage and onion any day of the week.

Snooze said...

Stewie: It's yummy! Your pizza preference sounds good too though.