Friday, March 06, 2009

Hoping for a diagnosis

I'm a hypochondriac, but I had the symptoms before looking up 'anemia' on the Internet. I had blood taken last week, but need to wait to see the doctor on Monday for results. In the interim, I am beyond fatigued and am having mucho trouble breathing properly [apparently 'shortness of breath' is a sign. Who knew? Okay, probably everyone except me...]

I'm eating chicken again but if on Monday they tell me that I have low iron and write me a nice prescription for heavy-duty iron pills, I will be most grateful. Low iron is pretty easy to fix!

As such, I have been doing very little beyond work and events I already committed to, and am behind on blog reading and writing.

Much love to everyone!


Lesley said...

I hope they're able to give you a diagnosis soon! I take the prescription iron for anemia, and it's not so bad, just make sure you are getting enough fiber, and maybe also a magnesium supplement. Are they checking your thyroid too? Hypothyroid can have some similar symptoms. Hope you feel better soon.

Roxrocks said...

Because I'm a spaz, I also thought I had low iron or something, but my trip to the ER proved I am fine. I need to stay away from WebMD.

That being said, I still want to go for a regular checkup and get a thorough exam.

Apparently, it's very common in perimenopausal women to have anemia. And it seems to me that iron pills need to be taken with Vitamin C (or calcium, I can't remember) for proper absorbtion.

Feel better, Toots!

Not as bad a Freak Magnet as Norman said...

When I was having trouble with anemia, they told me to eat cereal for breakfast. There's a lot of iron in that, apparently. My levels now are high enough that I'm not anemic, but low enough that I can't donate blood. It's quite frustrating. I WANT TO GIVE BACK!!!

On the bright side, you have an excuse to eat a nice big juicy steak. YUM!!!

eroswings said...

Hope all is well. Best wishes for a good resolution. I hope everything turns out okay.

Snooze said...

Hey all: I had mucho blood taken and get my results tomorrow. I'm hoping it's low iron but this week-end I was so exhausted and my chest hurt to the point that I actually decided to jump start the process and bought some organic meatballs. I had four with spaghetti tonight. It was torture getting them down (I haven't eaten red meat in 25 years and discovered that I just don't miss it) but I'm hoping it will help.

Brice said...

Ugh. Get well.
Anemia wouldn't be surprising though...

mainja said...

lots of iron in spinach, broccoli, swiss chard, things like that. there are lots of sites on the interweb that talk about iron in foods, you really don't have to eat meat.

i lost a lot of blood in the c-section and they have me on heavy duty iron suppliments because i'm very anemic. they weren't perscription, but i have to get them from the pharmasist, they don't have them out in the open part of the drugstore.

anyway, i was told it will be about 3 months of taking this stuff religiously before i have any kind of noticable difference. But there was nothing about increasing red meat consumption.

citrus in combo with iron rich foods makes the body absorb more, so spinach with a bit of lemon or orange squeezed over it is good.

Snooze said...

Brice: No mono, my iron is low but okay, no thyroid problems - now she's testing me for syphilis. Charming.

Mainja: Spinach actually has a compound that inhibits iron-absorption. You're right about plants/pulses, but meat is still the form of iron that is most easily assimilated. I'm just going to take it for a week or so. As for the citrus, I don't get that much so I bought some orange juice on the week-end and am taking that with a supplement. I hope your iron supplements help as a new mum needs all the energy she can get!

Stewie said...

I think the internet has both a blessing and a curse for people looking up medical things.

I have been having (what I think) is diabetic symptoms, but I refuse to look online to get myself all worked up.

I have nothing to add for iron advice.

Snooze said...

Stewie: You are so right about the Internet and its role in diagnosis!