Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm getting there (to Montreal that is)

Today I bought a bike. OMG it's so cute. Which tells you all about my cycling knowledge. It's white with pink highlights. At first that annoyed me, but now I am enamored with my litte pink bike. It is a hybrid, and has clip-in pedals. I have to go back with the bike shoes I bought so that they can make sure the pedals match. And apparently not in a colour-coordinating way. When they asked me what my bike shoes were like thought, "uh, powder blue". Then when they asked me if I bought them for a road bike and I carefully explained that I bought them because they will match the team jerseys, we all decided that I had to bring the shoes into the store as the staff needed to see the shoes for technical notes. Apparently 'cute blue shoes that match a team jersey' isn't useful information for a bike store. Go figure.

[and yes CoffeeDog, I will post pictures when I find my camera, batteries, etc.]


tornwordo said...

I wonder what they said about you when you left ; )

Roxrocks said...

I LOVE IT! That's exactly how I would have said it too "Oh, cute blue will go with pink, yay!" Hahah! It's all about the look.

eroswings said...

Ha! It's not about winning the race! It's about making sure you finish and look good for the cameras and crowd waiting at the end.

I hope your bike has a comfortable seat.

Snooze said...

Torn: I can just imagine! Mind you, I spent a lot and I never quibble over price, so I think they liked me.

Rox: You know it!

Eros: I have majorly padded bike shorts.